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Tutorial 6 Alternatives to Google Play Store for your Android Devices

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6 Alternatives to Google Play Store for your Android Devices, Download

Google Play Store is the main store for Android devices, but there are other application stores that you can use like these 6 that we present below. Discover them!

If there is something that differentiates Android from iOS, it is that it is a much more open operating system and that it does not tie us to a single store to download applications. Although it is true that the Play Store usually comes by default on all Android devices and is considered its main application store, the fact is that it is not the only option that we have available.
On Android you have the option to install applications via APK or APKM file from other ways, such as third-party app stores.
There are certain manufacturers that have been implementing their own stores on their devices for some time, such as the AppGallery on Huawei or the Galaxy Store on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. Likewise, from the web we find other application stores with which you can download your favorite APPs and games on your mobile devices.
If you want to know the most recommended alternatives to the Google Play Store, stay with us until the end of the article.

1. Aurora Store

We start with the Aurora Store and we have already talked about it before on our website, as well as having the APK file that will help you install it on your Android devices.
Aurora Store is nothing more than an open source application store that presents us with a very simple and careful interface in which you will only find free download applications.
The Aurora store is very easy to use and its search engine will allow you to filter the applications by downloads, applications with ads, APPs with integrated purchases, ratings , or by Apps that do not depend on Google (that do not require Google Play services or similar to work).
You can get it by installing the APK file that we leave you at the end of the article.

2.APK Mirror

One of the websites to check the latest updates and get the APK files for installation is APK Mirror, created by the news outlet Android Police. The handicap of this option is that it only has a web version, it lacks a mobile APP. In addition, the downside is that we are going to have to know which APK we should download and also have APKMirror Installer installed to be able to install applications in Android App Bundles .


UpToDown is another of the most recommended options when it comes to installing applications on your Android devices. Just like the previous one, it started as a web project, but today UpToDown does have an APP in which we can install the applications directly to the device as if it were the Play Store itself .
Not only will you be able to download the applications and games you want from your APP, but the applications will also be updated, so the differences with the Play Store are less and less.

4.Amazon App Store

The giant Amazon has also created its own application store, which was born as the official store for its Fire products, but is also available to download for other mobile devices that want to download applications or games from an alternative store to the Play Store .
Amazon APPs are more complete by allowing you to buy books and music , something that Amazon has removed from its applications in the Google Play Store, to avoid issues of payment of commissions to the platform. With this, you should intuit that the APPs and games from the Amazon Appstore are not going to depend on Google Play services.

5. Aptoide

Another of the most famous alternatives to Google Play is the Aptoide website, which also has its own APP that works like the Play Store itself. It presents us with a very complete application store and in which you will be able to find a section with recommendations and games of the week, advising you on new content of interest for your Android devices .


The last Open Source store that we present to you is F-Droid, where we will find open source applications. All APPs are free and a perfect site to find free alternatives to Google products . You can download the application from its website or install its APP on your Android device.


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