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Tutorial Android Notification History: What is it and how to activate it

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Android Notification History: What is it and how to activate it, Download

The Android 11 update came loaded with new features, including the Notification History. We tell you what it is and how to activate the notification history on Android.

How many times have you deleted a notification by mistake and regretted it the second? It has happened to all of us and we are so used to receiving banal notifications that when we open them, we hit delete them all completely. But what if there really was one that interested you? Well, if you remember it, you can look in the same APP, but if not, there are other solutions.
That this is a very widespread problem is clear now more than ever, and it is that in the latest updates of the Android operating system, functionalities have been implemented that put an end to it. Specifically, the Notification History functionality was added in the Android 11 update , but it has been largely unknown so far.
We believe that it is time for this to end and that everyone can benefit from this functionality that we find very useful and that we already have available on Android devices. While before a separate APP was needed, now you just have to go to the Settings and activate the Notification History . Don't know where to start? Stay with us and we'll tell you how to do it.

What is Android Notification History?

To begin, we are going to make it clear what this Notification History that Android has created in its update consists of. The truth is that it is very easy to understand and we are simply talking about a registry that will store everything that your device has shown you as a notification in the last 24 hours.
Nothing happens if you have closed a notification by mistake or carelessness, now you can review all of them from this history, check and recover the notification that really interested you. As we told you, this functionality is included in the Android operating system since its update in Android 11, but it is not activated by default, but we will have to do it ourselves.
Only then will you be able to recover the notifications that you have mistakenly deleted from your device. So if you are one of those clueless people who tend to delete everything without taking a look at it first, we recommend that you follow the guide in this article to activate the function.
The important thing is that in this notification history you will be able to find the notifications as they arrived at the original moment. For example, if you have your WhatsApp notifications activated, this is how you will see it in the history, something that can be very useful even for reading messages that have been subsequently deleted by the sender, although we will explain this better in a separate post.
But you should keep in mind that certain notifications that are stored in the history will not work as a link. Imagine that you have deleted an email that you have received, but the notification of its receipt is still in your history. Obviously, no matter how much you press on this notification, you will not be able to open the mail from it.

On which devices can you activate Notification History?

Before going on to explain how to activate the Android notification history, you have to be aware that it will not work for all terminals. As we have already said, this is a functionality that has been implemented in the Android 11 update, so it is logical that your device will need to have at least this version of the operating system or higher installed in order to access the history.
Actually, for phones with Android 10 and below there are also options, but we will share them with you later. Likewise, you will be able to find limitations in Xiaomi or Huawei brand devices since it is designed for devices with Stock Android or slight modifications .

How to Enable Android Notification History [Android 11 or higher]

In order to start enjoying the new functionality of Android 11 of the Notification History we will have to enable the option. The steps to activate the notification history are very simple and we leave them well detailed below so that you do not have any doubts:

  • 1. Find the device Settings and access them

  • 2. Once inside, search for and access the " Applications and Notifications " option

  • 3. Here we will find an option " Notification History " press on it

  • 4. Finally, activate the function so that it starts creating a record of the notifications that arrive on your mobile device

After putting the Notification History to work, your mobile or tablet will begin to create that record in which the notifications that the device has received in the last 24 hours will be reflected. Now, how can we consult this history? Go to the next point that we explain it to you.

How to check Android Notification History

Once you have activated the notification history you can stop worrying if you delete any of them by mistake because they will already be accumulating in your history record. Have you deleted a notification and now you want to recover it? Follow these steps to learn how to check Android notification history easily.

  • 1. Access the device Settings

  • 2. Once inside, go to the " Applications and Notifications " section

  • 3. Launch the Notification History tab and there you will see all the alerts and messages received during the last 24 hours

How to turn on Notification History on Android 10 or lower

Although this functionality appears in Android 11, the truth is that the system is collecting this information in the same way. The only thing we need to do on Android 10 or lower is figure out how we can mirror that hidden notification history . Do you want to know how? Write down these steps.

  • 1. Touch and hold the home screen with one finger

  • 2. Click on the Widgets

  • 3. Click on Access to Settings

  • 4. Access the Notification Registry

With this, what we are going to achieve is to install a quick button on the home screen where you can check the notification history . This is how we will be able to access system information regarding notifications, deleted messages, rejected alerts and much more.
A parallel option for Android versions 10 or lower is to use a specific APP for this purpose . Some of the most recommended are Notification History, Unnotification or Recent Notification, but there are many more in the Play Store.
Have you already activated your Android Notification History? What are you waiting for! Trust us, it's a feature that brings a lot of utility to your phone and once you discover it you can't stop using it because we have a very quick finger when it comes to deleting notifications without even taking a look at it, or when we do It's too late.
Do not miss your most important notifications due to an error and check them in this history , either using the functionality that Android 11 implements or using the trick that we have taught you for Android 10 and below.
And remember that at we are aware of the latest news regarding the Android application store and the most outstanding APPs within it. You will find everything you need to know to get the most out of your Android mobile here.


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