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Tutorial Disable automatic download in WhatsApp

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Disable automatic download in WhatsApp | Download free WhatsAPP

Too many junk files on your mobile? This usually happens when we have activated the automatic download of photos and videos in WhatsApp. We explain how to disable it here!

Full memory? Insufficient space on your mobile? Sometimes the great multitude of messages, videos, photos and files that we receive through WhatsApp end up eating up a large part of the internal memory of our mobile device. The problem is not that they send you a photograph, the problem is that it will be automatically saved in your gallery and perhaps it is not what we want with everything they send us, especially when we are users of several groups.
The solution is much simpler than you think and it is the WhatsApp APP itself that offers us the possibility of ending this problem. In the application settings you will find the option to disable automatic downloads , but so that you don't go crazy looking, follow our tutorial and stop saving unwanted multimedia content on your smartphone or tablet.
Step 1
Without further delay, we begin with the tutorial that will consist of 4 simple steps.
The first of them, as we anticipated before, will be to go to the WhatsApp APP since the option we need to deactivate automatic downloads is in the application itself.
Step 2
We will find the WhatsApp settings in the upper right corner of the APP, where there are three vertical dots. When pressing on them, a menu is displayed, the last option being "Settings" just the one we need to continue advancing.
Step 3
Within "Settings" we find different options, from utilities for the Account, Chats, Notifications or Storage and Data .
It is in this last option that we must click because, as you will see in the description of the section, this is where we will be able to manage the automatic downloads of WhatsApp.
Step 4
Go to the " Automatic Downloads " section and you will see that there are three perfectly differentiated sections since you can select your preferences according to the circumstances.
Thus, you can establish if you want the multimedia files to be downloaded when the mobile data is active, if you want it to be downloaded when the download is via Wi-Fi or when we have Data Roaming activated.
One by one, we will have to select what type of multimedia file we want to download automatically in each case. If you never want it to, select all options so you have the freedom to download just what you want to watch .
Just as WhatsApp causes us a problem, it solves it for us and allows each user to be totally free to configure automatic downloads as best suits them. The only thing that would be needed is a little information about it because many people are unaware that this can be disabled.
Given this lack of information, we act forcefully by offering an easy, simple and simply explained tutorial so that everyone can discover how to disable automatic WhatsApp downloads and not be overwhelmed with thousands of steps.
Did you find it simple? Do you know someone who needs this information? Share the tutorial with whoever you think needs it and help us to continue growing for more quality content with which you will continue to get the most out of your Android mobile , knowing all the ins and outs of the Google Play Store and its most outstanding applications.


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