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Tutorial Discover how to watch free DTT on your TV without cables or antenna

Tutorial Tivify, Android
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Discover how to watch free DTT on your TV without cables or antenna

Problems watching DTT at home? Here we explain how you can achieve it without the need for cables or antennas thanks to the Tivify APP. We explain how to install it on your TV here!

Forget about antennas and cables to be able to watch DTT from anywhere and for which you will only need a device with an Internet connection. This is thanks to the TiViFy APP, a platform that offers us more than 80 on-demand television channels. It is a platform that is very reminiscent of Pluto TV, although we find differences between the two. In this sense, TiViFy is not a channel aggregator and allows more channels, paid, thematic, sports, international, etc.
Before we tell you how to get the latest version of TiViFy, you should know that this APP offers different plans, from the most basic and free to other paid ones. Another very interesting functionality is that of being able to record what you are watching, in free mode you can only do it with regional channels and TVE.
If you're tired of battling antennas and other impediments that don't allow you to enjoy your favorite television channels, we'll explain how to install TiViFy on your TV in 4 easy steps.
Step 1
The first step is to install the application on our television , although you can also do it on your Smartphone or Tablet and be able to take the television with you anywhere.
To do this, you can directly access the Play Store if you have an Android TV or you can install the APK file with the latest version of the APP that you have available at the end of these lines.
Step 2
When the download is finished and the APP is launched, it will show us a home screen in which we are welcomed to the APP with a message. On the right side we will see a white button that says "Next". Click on it to continue with the installation of the APP .
Step 3
In the next step we will be asked to link our device with an account , although if you do not have one you can create it at the same time. The link is made through a code that they show you on TV and which we must enter on the following website: .
This step can also be much faster if you scan the QR Code that appears on the screen with your mobile device. Remember that creating a TiViFy account is free , there are payment plans, but it is not mandatory to access most common television channels.
Step 4
Finished the previous step with the validation of the code and the creation of the account, in case you don't already have one, we already have our TiViFy APP ready to work. Now you can navigate through the application menu and find all the channels you need for your day to day.
Not only will you find live TV, you will also be able to check the content broadcast on these channels in the last 7 days, in addition to accessing the screen recording options and many others that make TiViFy one of the live TV APPs most useful on the market.
Have you seen how easy and fast it is to install TiViFy on a TV ? Now it is your turn and we fully trust that you will be able to do it without any type of complication, but to do so, pay attention to all the previous steps and do not skip any of them.
Don't forget that we leave you below the TiViFy APK file with the latest version of the system. All our downloads are made from our own servers, making it a totally safe and reliable process. Get the latest version of TiViFy and enjoy the latest improvements and features of the APP.


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