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Do you know Pluto TV? It is a live and on-demand television platform with totally free content. We tell you what Pluto TV is and how it works.

Many of you who still don't know Pluto TV may sound like more of the same, another streaming platform with varied content in series and movies, although the good thing about this new application is that, in addition, we can watch live television.
It is not the only singularity of Pluto TV and it is a platform that is totally free. Not only that, but you also won't even have to sign up for it. It is simply a matter of downloading the application and starting to enjoy all the content that is available.
Sounds good right? But before launching to download Pluto TV, we recommend that you read this article to the end in which we will explain what Pluto TV is and how it works , as well as answer some frequently asked questions and provide you with the APK file with the most recent version of Pluto TV. PlutoTV.

What is PlutoTV?

It's hard to talk about Pluto TV without comparing it to other more popular streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. However, Pluto TV has a differentiating element from the rest and that is that it is not an on-demand streaming platform, but rather goes further with the live content of the national and regional television channels of each country.
Pluto TV is what has been called AVOD for its acronym in English for " Advertising-based Video on Demand " and it is the first of these characteristics that has reached Spain. If we take the literal translation it would be something like "content on demand with advertising". On their website we can verify the same since they define themselves as a free television platform that you can enjoy from all your devices. The catalog it offers is full of series, reality shows, children's programming and live television channels. A platform on demand and with content that adds advertising to its programming, which explains why it is free.
In our country, Spain, Pluto TV offers more than 60 television channels in its application for mobile phones, tablets and Smart TVs, being able to download it from the same store associated with most television brands. For those who cannot get it this way, you always have the option to download the Pluto TV APK file and carry out the manual installation.
Therefore, Pluto TV is nothing more than an on-demand platform that also offers us television channels with 24-hour programming. In short, it can work like traditional DTT, although with less variety of channels (taking into account that none are repeated). In general, they offer thematic channels with very specific content in their programming. But, if this doesn't convince you, it's hard to say no to their free on-demand content because they have been made with exclusive movie licenses that you won't find on other platforms.
Without a doubt, our recommendation would be to try Pluto TV and take a look at it, especially if we take into account that there are no fees or prior registration, simply download the APP and start enjoying its content.

How to use Pluto TV?

Pluto TV can be used both on your PC and on mobile devices and Smart TVs . To do this you must access its website from the browser or download the mobile APP, available for both Android and IOS. In its computer version, simply by accessing the web you will start to see one of its channels live, in addition to having all the programming in view and a menu on the left.
By default you will appear in the Live TV section but it has many others such as On Demand or A la Carta , where you will find the entire list of programs that you can watch, to divide it from the live section. The third tab is the search tab and they will put a bar where we can write what we are looking for.
What we liked about this platform is that while you take a look at the catalog, what you were watching will appear on a smaller screen in the lower right area, YouTube-style, so you don't miss anything at any time.
As for its mobile applications, the interface adapts perfectly to each device and maintains, to a large extent, the elements that we have commented on previously. The only thing that will vary is the design, which we can notice slightly changed from one APP to another, depending on the device to which it has to be adapted.
Using Pluto TV is simple and intuitive, just a few minutes on its application or website will be enough for you to take control and move freely as if you had been doing it all your life. This is another of the great advantages offered by the Pluto TV streaming platform that adds to the reasons why you should give the APP a chance.

How much does Pluto TV cost?

When we talk to someone about Pluto TV and explain that it is a streaming platform , the first question they ask us is: and how much does it cost? All the platforms of the style that had arrived in our country have done so with a monthly cost to be able to access their content and this is something that Pluto TV has not wanted to continue.
Pluto TV is totally free for all users, what's more, you don't need prior registration in the APP. But, how do they pay for the title licenses and not charge their users anything to see them? The explanation is in the announcements that introduce us during the programming.
Thus, Pluto TV charges through advertising and not by fees to its users and this is how it is maintained. In exchange for watching a few short ads every so often, you can access all the content on Pluto TV totally free and without registration . It's fantastic!

Where to download the latest version of Pluto TV?

You already know that Pluto TV is available on PC, Smartphone, Tablet and Smart TV , using a mobile APP for these last three devices that you can find in the Play Store and the Apple store. You can download it for free from any of these platforms, but keep in mind that not all devices receive the latest app updates at the same time.
How does this affect you? Well, if you are using a lower version, there will be errors, failures and bugs that are corrected, but that you will continue to experience. The solution? Carry out the download manually by downloading the latest Pluto TV APK file and do the installation yourself very easily.
Following these lines, we are going to offer you the APK file with the latest version of Pluto TV , in case after reading all this information you decide to give this new streaming platform a chance that does not ask us for anything in exchange for all its content.
With this contribution, we hope that it has become much clearer to you what Pluto TV is all about and that is that in recent months it is a platform that is beginning to be heard, despite existing since 2013. The arrival in Spain of Pluto TV comes with a campaign of very strong marketing since they want to make themselves known, prioritizing their main advantages: being free.
Do not be fooled and fall into the mistake of thinking that because it is free content we are only going to find minor titles or of little relevance. Pluto TV has a wide catalog of both television channels and programs, series and movies on demand, with exclusive titles that we can only find on this platform.
Did you know Pluto TV? Well, now that you know everything you need about this APP, nothing prevents you from starting to enjoy it for free and without registration. On our website we will continue working to bring you the latest news about the Play Store and the most outstanding and useful APPs in the Android store.


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