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Do you know Facebook Lite? It is a lighter version of the original APP aimed at countries with low connectivity. We explain what it is and how to achieve it.

The main objective of Facebook is to connect people and for this they must try to reach as many of them as possible. Undoubtedly, in developed countries it is very difficult to find people who are still reluctant to have a Facebook account, but the problem began to appear when in highly populated areas but with low connectivity, records were much poorer.
This is something that is easy to explain and it is that areas where connectivity is poor , both to the Internet and in the use of mobile data, cannot support the original APP, which is designed to work in spaces where these do not exist. problems.
The areas most affected by these problems are African countries, some on the Asian continent and in Latin America, where connectivity is lower. Thinking about this market niche, Facebook created a fairly simple solution that was to adapt its main application for mobile phones with low connectivity or low memory , and that is another of the essential features of Facebook Lite, as we will see later.
In short, it is an application that is so useful to us that we have decided to make it known to all those who still do not know of its existence. This is how we are going to explain what Facebook Lite is , the differences that exist with the main APP and how to download it to your Android device. You can not lose this!

What is Facebook Lite? Discover the lightest Facebook APP

We have already told you at the beginning that Facebook Lite is the lightest version of the Facebook APP for mobile devices and that it has been operating since 2015. Without a doubt, the countries that are benefiting the most from this incorporation are those of the Asian continent India, Indonesia and the Philippines, or those of Latin America such as Mexico or Brazil.
The great acceptance that it has had in these and other countries in such a short time has made those in charge of this strategy continue betting on it, having evolved a great deal from its appearance to the present day. Among its improvements, they continue to reduce the weight of the APP , ideal for devices with little memory, and they adapt to all types of networks, including the 2G ones that experience the greatest failures.
Facebook Lite was part of Facebook's strategy to reach 2,0 million users around the world and for this they had to adapt their APP to those countries with low connectivity or where mobile devices are of lower range.
What you should know is that, although Facebook Lite was created with a clear intention and aimed at other countries, when we have a low-end mobile or we settle for a lighter version, the Facebook Lite option is also totally recommended. Of course, you should know that it does not have the same functions as the original APP, something that we will see more extensively in the next point, dedicated to detecting the main differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite .. -> Download free Facebook Lite

Differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite

We think it is essential for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Lite, let's make this comparison with the original Facebook APP. Nothing is by chance and if Facebook Lite has been made lighter it has been at the cost of reducing functions and services, without removing anything from the original utility of Facebook. In this sense, the differences are quite a few, but in order not to eternalize this article, we are going to focus on the most relevant differences between the Facebook APP and the Facebook Lite APP.

APP space

If Facebook Lite is characterized by something, it is its low weight when downloading the APP. The difference with the original Facebook application is abysmal since it is usually around 60-70 MB needed for storage, while for Facebook Lite we will only need around 2 MB of internal storage .
This is how they fight against lower-end mobile phones with less memory space , allowing their users to also have the opportunity to enjoy Facebook and creating an account to share information with their family and friends.

User Experience

The classic Facebook interface also looks somewhat different in the Lite version. Perhaps the first thing that catches your attention is the variation in the logo . We all know the classic white Facebook F on a blue background, but in the Lite version the colors are inverted, being a blue F on a white background.
As for the feed, the truth is that both APPs present it in white, but in the Lite version we will find a more minimalist design in which details that are not necessary for the operation of the APP have been left out. In this aspect, we will be struck by the fact that the design of Facebook Lite is much simpler than that of the original version.


The space consumed by one application and another in the device's RAM memory also has a negative and positive influence on the battery consumption of our terminal. As we have seen, the requirements of the Facebook APP are much higher, which will lead to higher battery consumption, even if you do not use the application frequently.
However, with the version of Facebook Lite, this will be the opposite since, as it is a lighter and more compact application, the energy demand it needs will also be much lower. Therefore, Facebook Lite is also a great option for those looking to save battery life without giving up their favorite social network.

Images and Text

And what about the options to post a video, image or send a message? It is clear that if Facebook Lite has been prepared for countries with low connectivity, it is because this problem has been solved by creating its lightest APP. That's right, just like in the Facebook APP , we will be able to publish videos, images, messages, photographs and whatever we want at any time.
To do this, Facebook Lite compresses the format of audiovisual content so that it loads faster and easier. This is how they will combat connectivity problems in those countries that need it most.
As we have been telling you, there are multiple differences that exist, but these would be the most outstanding. We could go on and tell you about the lack of emojis in Facebook Lite (but there are stickers) or that in the lighter version you can reply to messages directly, without the need for Messenger, which also has its lite version.

How to Download Latest Version of Facebook Lite for Android

Something that you should keep in mind if you are going to start using Facebook Lite is that in its fight against saving data and energy consumption, the functionality of automatically updating the APP will not exist. This means that if you want to get a new version of the application you will have to download it or check for the update. To do this you have two options: update through the Play Store or download the latest Facebook Lite APK file .

Update Facebook Lite in Play Store

The most common and easiest method is to do it through the Play Store. Simply head over to the Android store and search for Facebook Lite. Once there , it will appear if you have any pending update and start it .
As we say, it is the easiest method, but if we want to get hold of the latest version, it may not be the most effective. Your terminal will detect the latest update available for it, but it does not mean that it is the most recent version . If you want to be up-to-date and enjoy your favorite app without bugs or glitches, skip to the next point.

Update Facebook Lite via APK file

If you want to have the most recent version of Facebook Lite on your mobile, the ideal is that you get the latest update available. You don't need to search because here we make everything easier for you and at the end of these lines you will find the link to the APK file with the latest version of Facebook Lite .
This update will be manual and we will have to enable the feature to allow installation from unknown sources. When you have the file downloaded, simply run it on your device and wait for the window that invites you to install Facebook Lite in its latest version to appear.
Do you need to know any more benefits of Facebook Lite to decide to use it? Don't be fooled by the origin of this lighter application and take advantage of its advantages even if you have a high-end mobile phone or good connectivity in your location. You won't be the first or the last to opt for the Facebook Lite option because it's much more intuitive, easy to use and has the basic functions so you can enjoy Facebook as you need.
If there is something that should be highlighted about Facebook Lite and its developers, it is the tireless work so that its social network reaches the most remote places and that no one is left without trying the benefits of Facebook for reasons of connectivity, storage or memory.
And you, are you going to start saving space on your mobile with Facebook Lite? Well, remember to download the Facebook Lite APK file from our website, where you'll find the latest version totally free of viruses and 100% safe.


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