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Tutorial Install apps on Android TV from your phone

You cannot imagine how comfortable it is to order from your Smartphone that the APPs be installed on your Android TV. Don't know how to do it? Pay attention to this tutorial where we explain it to you
Tutorial Android Updated on 09 de Agosto 22

Tutorial Learn how to react to whatsapp messages

Do you know the new feature of WhatsApp that allows you to react to the messages you receive? Today we explain everything you need to know about the new WhatsApp reactions.
Tutorial WhatsAPP, Android
Download WhatsAPP Updated on 09 de Agosto 22

Tutorial Discover the fastest facebook app

Do you know Facebook Lite? It is a lighter version of the original APP aimed at countries with low connectivity. We explain what it is and how to achieve it.
Tutorial Facebook Lite, Android
Download Facebook Lite Updated on 09 de Agosto 22

Tutorial Download WhatsApp Plus updated (2022)

Do you know WhatsApp Plus? It is an improved version of this messaging application with multiple features. Stay to learn how to download it to the latest available version 2022.
Tutorial Whatsapp plus, Android
Download Whatsapp plus Updated on 09 de Agosto 22

Tutorial Discover the best online television with Pluto TV

Do you know Pluto TV? It is a live and on-demand television platform with totally free content. We tell you what Pluto TV is and how it works.
Tutorial Pluto TV, Android
Download Pluto TV Updated on 09 de Agosto 22

Tutorial How to see the phone on the screen of your car

Using your phone on your car's multimedia screen to watch YouTube, Netflix or play games is possible and very few know how to do it. Click not to miss this tutorial with 5 easy steps to see your phone on the car screen
Tutorial Android Auto, Android
Download Android Auto Updated on 09 de Agosto 22

Tutorial Discover how to watch free DTT on your TV without cables or antenna

Problems watching DTT at home? Here we explain how you can achieve it without the need for cables or antennas thanks to the Tivify APP. We explain how to install it on your TV here!
Tutorial Tivify, Android
Download Tivify Updated on 09 de Agosto 22

Tutorial Use multiple accounts of any app on your mobile phone

How to use two WhatsApp accounts from the same mobile phone? Surely at some point, out of necessity, you have asked yourself this question and today we are here to show you how easy it can be to achieve it thanks to the Multiple Accounts APP.
Tutorial Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts&Parallel Space, Android
Download Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts&Parallel Space Updated on 08 de Agosto 22

Tutorial Publish your own APP in the Play Store [2022] : Step by step

Do you want to publish your APP in the Play Store but you don't know where to start? Follow our updated step-by-step tutorial to learn how to upload an APP to the Play Store. Millions of users around the world await your release!
Tutorial Google PlayStore, Android
Download Google PlayStore Updated on 08 de Agosto 22

Tutorial How to create a Google Developer account [2022]

In order to upload your APPs to the Android Play Store, you will need more than just a simple Google account, in these cases it will be a requirement to have a Google developer account and we will tell you how to create it.
Tutorial Google Account Manager, Android
Download Google Account Manager Updated on 08 de Agosto 22

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