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Download WhatsApp Plus updated (2022), Download free Whatsapp plus

Do you know WhatsApp Plus? It is an improved version of this messaging application with multiple features. Stay to learn how to download it to the latest available version 2022.

In the 21st century, it is very difficult to find a person who does not know the most famous instant messaging application in the world, WhatsApp, but without a doubt there are many other things that you did not know about this application. We are all used to the normal version of WhatsApp and it is the one that can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.
But what differences are there between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus ? The main differences will be found in the functionalities and it is that the plus version adds functions that the normal version does not have, or that it will have soon. In addition, unique features are also included, allowing users to access exclusive settings that have to do with privacy, security and much more.
The most important point of disagreement is that WhatsApp is the official application, while WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the first one, which we could call a mod for WhatsApp. This lack of official status can be a risk because WhatsApp can delete your profile without prior notice if it detects the use of this application. Therefore, if you are going to decide to use it, you should know the risks involved and also know that the latest versions are the ones that best encrypt its use, being more difficult to detect by the official body.
Having said that, we are going to explain how to download and install WhatsApp Plus with a series of very simple steps to follow so that you do not get lost during the process. Prepared? Here it goes!
Step 1
Being an application that is not in the Google Play Store, the first thing to do is to enable the installation of applications from unknown sources on your Android device . Do it as follows:

  • Open the “Settings” or “Settings” menu.

  • Type in the settings search if your device allows it “Unknown applications”. If you do not get results or you do not have this search engine, click on "Applications" or "Privacy / Security" (Depending on the terminal) - "Special application access" - "Install unknown applications"

  • Here we will find either a single option to activate the installation of unknown applications or an individual one for each application. Select the web browser and make sure it is authorized

Step 2
In order to install the version of WhatsApp, it is necessary to uninstall the official application, so it would be a good practice to make a backup beforehand in case we decide to go back to this version, to have a copy of our conversations.
Open WhatsApp and press the 3 dots above and select the "Chats" option and look for the " Backup " option below to create it.
Step 3
In this third step, all we are going to have to do is uninstall the original WhatsApp APP . Simple and easy, once you finish go to step 4.
Step 4
Finally install the latest version of WhatsApp Plus . The installation is exactly the same as the original app.
Enter your phone number and you will receive a code by SMS that you must write to authenticate yourself. From now on you can use the app freely and discover all the interesting functions that WhatsApp Plus offers and that the original version of WhatsApp does not have.. -> Download free Whatsapp plus
Undoubtedly, WhatsApp Plus is the best known WhatsApp mod , but it is not the only one. As you can see, the fact that it is not an official WhatsApp APP means that we cannot find it directly in the Google Play Store and therefore we must carry out the download and installation manually.
As we told you at the beginning, you should be aware that WhatsApp has been totally against the Plus version and has warned its users that the privacy of their data is not protected by the WhatsApp service. In addition, they reserve the right to ban users who use the unauthorized application, this ban may be permanent or temporary.
Now that you know both the risks and the advantages of installing WhatsApp Plus on your mobile, the decision is in your hands. If you want to do it anyway, on our website you have the WhatsApp Plus APK file with the latest version of the system, the most improved and with more features.


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