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Tutorial Enjoy WhatsApp on your PC, we teach you how...

Tutorial WhatsAPP, Pc
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Enjoy WhatsApp on your PC, we teach you how...,

WhatsApp instant messaging comes to your PC and today we will tell you how you can enjoy its features on your computer.

That WhatsApp was only a mobile thing is a thing of the past because now, thanks to the implementation of WhatsApp Web and its application for PC , we will have various opportunities to use the best of WhatsApp from the comfort of our PC.
Although this service has been operating for several years, there are still many people who are still unaware of its existence and of the advantages that this can bring us, both in your personal and professional life. The jump to other devices by WhatsApp was long in coming, but now that it's here you can't let it go.
In this guide we will show you how to log in to WhatsApp Web , its advantages, features and everything you need to know about WhatsApp on your PC.

What is WhatsApp Web? origins

More and more WhatsApp users were asking for a solution to the lack of means to use WhatsApp, something that was very limited to Smartphones and Tablets. The solution arrived just after the start of 2015 when they launched the web version of WhatsApp and it has been a success from the start. Now you can log in from a browser and chat from it with your contacts. In addition, as we will see later, you can send photos, videos, attachments and everything you need.
In its beginnings, to use WhatsApp Web we depended on our phone, which had to be turned on and connected to the Internet to use the APP in the browser. But WhatsApp has been able to counteract this and it has been in one of its latest updates when it has finished with this problem. Now you can use WhatsApp Web completely independently , regardless of whether the phone is nearby or turned on.

How to Login to WhatsApp Web: the guide

The best thing is that currently we not only have one option available when using WhatsApp on the PC, but more varieties have been emerging. The first is the one that we have mentioned and it is the one called WhatsApp Web, for which you will simply need a PC, a browser and an Internet connection.
The second is to use the desktop version of WhatsApp, being able to download the APP on computers with Windows or macOS operating systems. Also, you should know that WhatsApp Web can be used from any browser, it does not have to be from a PC, but it is also compatible with Smartphones and Tablets, so you can save memory space without having to download the APP.

Use WhatsApp Web in the PC browser

To log in to WhatsApp Web , the first thing will be to go to the web itself. A Google search with this term is enough, but we leave it here to make it easier for you: .
Once inside you will find the instructions to log in with your WhatsApp account and as you will see it is very simple. You have to scan the QR code and for this you must go to the Menu (the 3 dots in Android or Settings in iOS) and select the "Linked Devices" option. The camera will be activated and you will have to point towards the QR code to log in and start viewing your WhatsApp conversations and contacts in the PC browser.

Using the desktop APP

In this case, what we are going to need first is to download the official WhatsApp APP on our PC . As we told you before, the APP is available for Windows and macOS computers, and cannot be found on PCs with a Linux operating system.
Download the APP and install it on your PC to proceed to log in. To do this, we will only have to open the WhatsApp APP on our mobile, open WhatsApp Web from the browser and touch the 3 points in the upper right corner of the APP to access the settings. Once there, press the "Linked Devices" option to open the camera and you can scan the QR code with it.

WhatsApp Web Features

To date, we still do not have 100% of the features of the WhatsApp APP available in the PC version , although they will let us use the most essential ones. Let's see in the following list what functions WhatsApp Web allows us to use and in the desktop version of its mobile application.

Open new chats

When you log in to your WhatsApp account through the browser or the desktop application, you will see how your open conversations are exported, the same ones you have in the mobile version. In addition, in the upper area you have a button with which you can start new conversations, appearing all your contacts and being able to use a search engine to find it more easily.
Simply click on the contact with whom you want to start a conversation and you will see how a new tab opens with their name and a blank conversation. In addition to being able to write from the comfort of your keyboard, you can have a wide catalog of emojis, gifs and all the resources that you would find on your mobile WhatsApp.

Share photos, videos and files

One of the main reasons why we would want to use WhatsApp on PC is if we have to send a photo or a file. Until now, if we wanted to do this operation, we had to transfer the file (be it a photo, video, or any other multimedia file) to our mobile and then send it via WhatsApp.
Thanks to the web version we will be able to do this operation directly and it is that it will not only allow us to continue conversations or open new ones , but also the sending of any type of file is active. Within a conversation, in the upper right corner you will find a clip icon with which we can attach any type of file to the conversation.

Create Groups

Not only will we be able to continue interacting in the groups to which we already belong, but we will also be able to create a new one from the desktop version . Just above the contacts you will find the classic 3 vertical points with which we access the settings. Inside you will find the option to create a New Group and you will be able to add the people you want to participate in it.
Once you finish adding all the participants, click on the green arrow that you have at the end of the contacts. Now all you have to do is assign a name to the group and identify it with a photograph, steps that you can carry out from the same PC.

Send voice messages

Yes, WhatsApp audio is the order of the day and it is a function that has also been implemented in both the WhatsApp Web option and the desktop version of the APP . For this we will need the PC to have a built-in microphone or plug one in.
The option to record the audio will be the same as in the mobile version in the same writing bar. Click on it and speak to record the voice note, pressing the green icon again to send the audio, or the red button to delete it.
We could be talking for a long time about the large number of features that WhatsApp Web has inherited from the original mobile version. Among them, we have the option to block users, search conversations, access the contact and their information, etc.
Likewise, there are other options that are not yet available , although we do not rule out that they will be in the future. We are talking about the inability to add a new contact, share your location, voice calls, video calls or the option to upload stories.
How to Log Out of WhatsApp Web
We must be very careful with where we log in to WhatsApp Web because if we do not close the session properly, we will leave it sold and at the mercy of anyone. Don't worry because closing the session is possible , whether you have access to said PC again or not, since it can also be done from your mobile device.

Close Session in WhatsApp Web from the PC or Browser

When you are going to stop using WhatsApp Web, we recommend that you close the session instantly, especially when it is not your personal computer. To do this you simply have to:

  • Enter WhatsApp Web or the desktop APP

  • Access the "Settings" in the button of the 3 vertical points

  • In the drop-down menu we will see how the last option is "Close Session"

Close Session in WhatsApp Web from the mobile

But, what happens if you have left your WhatsApp session open on a foreign computer ? Don't worry because from your mobile you can revoke access and close the session with these simple steps.

  • Start WhatsApp on your mobile

  • Access "Settings" at the 3 dots in the upper right corner

  • Click on the "Linked Devices" option that appears in the drop-down menu

Within this option you will find all the devices that you have linked to your WhatsApp account , being able to see if it is a browser or mobile, in addition to the last connection time. Click on the option you want to close to prevent anyone from accessing your private information.
With all of the above, you are ready to get the most out of WhatsApp Web, either using a browser or the desktop APP of the most famous messaging application in the world. Now you can take the best of WhatsApp to the comfort of your PC , being able to carry out your tasks much more easily and quickly.
If this guide has been helpful to you, we encourage you to share it with your family and friends who are not familiar with the WhatsApp Web option so that they can begin to enjoy all the advantages that it offers. You will find all the news about the Play Store and its most outstanding APPs here, at


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