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Everything you need to know about Google Play Points, Free download

Google Play Points is the loyalty system that the Android store has adopted and that will allow you to earn points for each purchase in the APP. Today we tell you everything you need to know about Google Play Points.

Play Store wants to encourage and reward the purchases of its most loyal users and that is why this customer loyalty system was born with which you will accumulate points for each purchase. These points, in turn, can be exchanged for balance to spend in the Play Store, although with the latest system update, it is now recognized as an additional payment method by itself.
The mechanics are simple, for each purchase you will be awarded points, but these can be different depending on the level you have in the points program. As you can see, it is not as simple as it seems and that is why we have prepared this complete guide so that you can learn everything you need about Google Play Points and start benefiting from its advantages.

What is Google Play Points

We have already revealed the mystery in the post, but this works like this, it's time to go a little deeper and make it really clear what Google Play Points is and how it works . We already told you that it is a loyalty program created by Google to reward those users who make purchases through its Android Play Store.
All Android users will be able to start accumulating points, but first they will have to complete a previous registration (keep reading to find out how to sign up for the Google Play Points program). The operation is simple, for every euro you spend in the Play Store you will receive a point . To get them you only have to buy anything from the store, from APPs to games, movies or books.
But, what are Google Play Points for? Once you have them in your account you will be able to exchange them for Play Store credits. In addition, they will also be used to exchange for rewards within the games. With the latest update , Google Play Points have also been added as an alternative payment method in the Play Store . Previously, you had to do the previous step of exchanging them for credits, but now it will not be necessary.
They are not the only advantages that you can obtain and that is that you can also go up in level to accumulate more points or participate in large lots of prizes.
What you must be clear about is that nobody is going to give you anything, it is simply a means of loyalty with which the users who spend the most can recover part of what they spent . To tell the truth, the system is not very profitable since for every euro you get 1 point and the minimum to redeem for Play Store balance is the €5 coupons, which would cost 500 points.
So if we do calculations: 1 points = 1 euro , so to accumulate a discount of €5 you would have to have spent 500 in the Play Store. There will be those who think that it is better than nothing and we agree, but very profitable to encourage you to make more purchases, it really is not.
It is true that this example would be for users with a lower level and that is that as you level up, the rewards increase, being higher at higher levels, which are accessed through buying and more buying. Likewise, you can take advantage of promotions and special events in which the points to be earned with each purchase will be multiplied.

How to sign up for Google Play Points

Do you spend a lot on the Play Store and did not know that you could get some of your money back? Well, stop wasting time and start being part of the Play Store loyalty program to accumulate points that you can redeem for future purchases.
To do this, you simply have to access your Play Store APP and access the Menu through the ☰ button that you find in the upper right corner. When you display the Menu you will see how a new section called Play Points appears.
Remember that if this option does not appear, you may not be using the most up-to-date version of the Play Store. Try to update it or download the APK file that we leave you both here and at the end of the tutorial.
To start being part of Google Play Points you will simply have to access this section and the registration will be almost automatic since your Play Store credentials will be used for registration. Simply click on the Join button and you will start your adventure from the lowest Bronze level. Perhaps a welcome offer will appear in which you will be awarded more points per euro spent, so. Take advantage of it!. -> Download free Google PlayStore

How Google Play Points and Levels works

So far you must be very clear that loyalty will be rewarded in the form of points that we will obtain by spending money on applications, games, books or movies from the Play Store. For each euro spent, one point is earned, as a general rule and without any promotion, but this may vary depending on the level of user you reach. To go up the levels you must accumulate points for your purchases. In total, we are going to find 4 different levels that go from Bronze to Platinum and are the following:
  • Bronze level : it is the lowest level (it goes from 0 points to 149) and in it we will get 1 point per euro spent. In turn, you can earn up to 4x more points by making in-app and Play Store purchases every week. With the rental of movies or the purchase of a book you can earn up to 2 times more points during events that take place every month.

  • Silver level : the second level is reached when you reach 150 points and you will stay on it until you exceed 499. Here you earn 1.1 points for each euro spent. Likewise, you can earn up to 3 times more points when you rent movies or buy books in the events that take place monthly.

  • Gold Level : it is reached by accumulating 500 points and you will continue in it until you exceed 29. On this occasion, the score is 1.2 per euro spent and the options of earning more points when buying a book or renting a movie increase up to 5.

  • Platinum level : with 3,0 points or more, the highest level of the loyalty program is reached, with which we can earn 1.4 points for each euro spent. During the monthly events we can earn up to 5 times more points, in addition to being able to get up to 500 points by entering each week.
To finish, we are going to leave you our opinion about this loyalty program that Google has been working on for more than 2 years and that now it seems that it will see the light very soon also in our country, Spain.
In the first place, as we have already told you before, it does not seem to us that it is too profitable in its basic idea, since the scoring system is quite low and the disbursement to get a discount at the end is exorbitant. What is certain is that if you take advantage of moments of promotions and others, it is the best time to make your purchases and thus get a better handful of points.
What is clear is that if you are very fond of buying in the Play Store, it is better that they return something to you than that they do not return anything. But, if you want to take advantage of this, the truth is that it will not be an easy task, since as a general rule, getting something for free will be very complicated if you do not usually make purchases in the Play Store.
For the rest, if you make a lot of purchases, take the opportunity to take your points and with them the recovery of part of the investment, with the points that will help you get cheaper or free applications and much more.
And remember that to be aware of all the content relevant to the Play Store and its most outstanding APPs, do not lose track of our blog. We present the latest news from the Play Store here, at!


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