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Tutorial "I forgot the PIN of my Android mobile" We tell you the Solution

Tutorial Android

"I forgot the PIN of my Android mobile" We tell you the Solution

Have you forgotten the PIN of your Android phone and now you can't access it? Well, pay attention because in the following tutorial we will explain how to change the PIN of your Android mobile without having to access it.

That smartphones have become increasingly important in our lives is a reality, so much so that today some people consider it as something vital without which they could not leave home. It is a very basic tool, but at the same time it has also created a great dependence on us when it comes to contacting someone, looking for information, paying, etc.
In the end, having your mobile phone working is a daily necessity and something as simple as forgetting a 4-digit PIN can ruin our routine. An Android device does not require this PIN continuously, but it does require it when a system update has finished. What happens if this happens and we have forgotten the PIN? Well, our device will end up blocked if we enter the number wrong 3 times.
Well, if this happens, don't worry because there is a solution and we will not require the device for it. Of course, you should know that this recovery has a price and that is that you can lose all the information on the device , at least the one that you do not have saved in the cloud. It is important that you take this into account before starting the process and consider whether it is worth losing everything, although it really is usually more profitable than losing your mobile.
Do you want to know how to change the PIN of your Android mobile without having to access it? Stay until the end and follow the steps correctly to put an end to your problem.
Step 1
Pay attention because the steps are super easy to apply. If you have already spent the 3 attempts of the PIN, the system will have been blocked, but there is still a solution.
To do this, you must access this Google website from which you can find your devices, although there are other options available.
Remember that the terminal must be linked to the same Google account that we are going to use for the recovery.
Step 2
If you are logged in to Google and it is the same one that is synchronized with the phone, your device will immediately appear.
At the bottom you will see 3 options: Play Sound; Lock Device; and, Wipe Device Data .
It is this last option that we must click on, they will probably ask you again for the username and password of your Google account to complete the process.
After that, you simply have to restart the device and re-enter the Google account that you had linked.
Remember that this is a simple option, but that it has a high cost to pay and that is that you will lose all the data that you do not have saved in the cloud.
And remember, next time, write down your PIN in a safe place so that you can consult it at any time so as not to experience a situation like this again.
So far we have come with this simple tutorial on how to change the PIN of your Android devices when you have forgotten the password.
You have been able to appreciate that there are a few simple steps that separate you from solving the problem and that it is so easy that even a small child could do it.
Remember that if you have any special question or doubt, you can leave it to us so that we can continue working to bring the most useful content to users of Android devices.
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