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Tutorial How to avoid being added to unknown groups


How to avoid being added to unknown groups |

Has it happened to you that you have been added to a WhatsApp group full of strangers? This is avoidable if you know how to disable this option. Today we teach you how to do it in 4 easy steps.

Rare is the person who has not been found in a WhatsApp group in which he does not know half of the people, he does not even know who has added him to that group. This is very annoying and sometimes leads to even more unpleasant situations. Now you can end this and there is the option so that it does not happen.
WhatsApp, by default, allows you to be added to any group by anyone, but it is an option that you can disable yourself from the APP settings. The solution to this annoying practice is simple, but so that you don't get lost among the multiple options that you can find in the settings, we will tell you step by step what you must do to avoid being added to an unwanted group on WhatsApp .
Step 1
WhatsApp is aware of this problem and leaves it up to its users to decide who can add them to WhatsApp groups.
Go to the "Settings" of the APP and click on the "Accounts" option.
Step 2
Within "Accounts" we will have to look for the section that is responsible for the Privacy of our profile. Here you can set parameters to make WhatsApp more secure and we recommend that you take a look at it after this tutorial because many of its functions can be useful to you and you may not be using them.
Step 3
As we were saying, you will find many options within "Privacy" but the one that helps us to end this problem is the one found in the "Groups" section.
Step 4
Go into "Groups" and there you will find three different options: "All", "My Contacts" and "My Contacts, except.".
By default you will have the Everyone option selected and that is what is causing this problem, since according to the configuration you accept that anyone can add you to groups.
If you want only your contacts to be able to add you to groups, mark the second option available. Finally, the last option is to ban people within your contacts. If you have the typical annoying friend that adds you to all the groups, you can avoid being his victim once again by blocking the access that he can put you in groups.
Have you realized how simple it was to end this annoyance that we have all experienced at some point in our lives? It is what happens when you are not aware of the functions of an APP and that is our daily task, to work so that the information reaches all users and put an end to the small problems that do not allow them to enjoy 100% of their applications. .
Remember to follow us for more tricks, tips and tutorials with which you will get the most out of the Google Play Store and the most outstanding applications within them.

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