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Tutorial How to Convert WhatsApp Audios to Text for FREE

Tutorial WhatsAPP, Android
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How to Convert WhatsApp Audios to Text for FREE,

Are you tired of listening to audio on WhatsApp? They sent you one and you can't listen to it right now? We tell you how you can convert WhatsApp audio into text completely FREE.

WhatsApp audio notes have both detractors and staunch defenders. And you, what team are you on? The truth is that the audios cannot always be heard, either because you are in a public place and you don't feel like it or because you are at work. We can answer a text message quickly, but we must pay more attention to an audio .
Do you usually receive audio when you can't listen to it? Are you lazy to listen to the audios and prefer to read the message? Today we tell you how you can solve this completely free of charge and without having to download any additional APP on your mobile device.
Do you want to know how? Stay with us and discover how to convert WhatsApp audio to text easily, quickly and at no additional cost.
There are many APPs dedicated to converting WhatsApp audio into text, and a simple search in the Android app store, Play Store, will be enough to find out. However, although the solution is attractive and fulfills its purpose, the truth is that it is not convenient to spend the memory of your mobile on applications that you are going to use relatively infrequently.
Therefore, with this we are not discovering anything new, WhatsApp audios can be converted to text for a long time , but the novelty that we have come to present to you is how to achieve it in the simplest way, dispensing with third-party APPs and saving, since some of them are paid or their use is limited in the free version.
So what is this solution? This is the WhatsApp bot, a robot that will convert your voice notes to text just by forwarding them in a conversation. This bot is compatible with audios in Spanish, among other languages, and it is not necessary to install anything additional on your mobile . Do you want to know how it works? Continue reading that we explain it to you!

How to install the WhatsApp bot to transcribe audio

It has been rumored for months that the WhatsApp application itself is working on implementing an improvement that includes the transcription of voice notes to text, but today it is still not a reality and that is why we must find alternative solutions such as the WhatsApp bot .
Until now, if you wanted to discover the content of a WhatsApp audio, you either had to play it or use an APP that would convert it into text. Luckily, now there is a third option with very notable advantages such as the ones we have been commenting on: it is free and there is no need to install anything additional on your mobile device.
The WhatsApp bot is a great alternative, although it also has limitations. The first and most important is that it only works with audios of a maximum of 60 seconds , so those podcasts that your friend sends you for several minutes will not be compatible with the bot. Bearing this in mind, these are the steps you must take to start enjoying Alfred The Transcribe, the WhatsApp bot that converts your audio into text for free .

Add the WhatsApp Bot to your contacts

For everything else, you can make use of it and enjoy it on your mobile is as simple as adding the bot to your contacts. You can do it directly from the following link: "" ; or, adding the following number to the agenda: 14156809230.
If you use the direct link that we have previously left you, you will have to click on the Add button and Create a new contact. This way you can save Alfred The Transcriber, the name given to this bot, on your phone. This point is important since we are going to have to forward the voice note that we want to transcribe and WhatsApp only allows you to forward messages to those contacts that you have scheduled .

Forward Audio to Bot

Once you have the WhatsApp bot scheduled, you can now move on to this second point in which we are going to get it to convert an audio note into text. To do this, go to the conversation where the audio you want to transcribe is located. Once there, select the message and click the Forward option to send it to Alfred The Transcriber .
If this is your first time using the WhatsApp bot, the first few messages will be a bit of "spam" since it will invite you to make a donation and subscribe to its newsletter. Don't worry because they are not mandatory steps to use the bot, you can simply ignore the messages and continue with your business.
Once you have sent the audio note to the bot, it will indicate that it is writing. If no problem has been detected, the next thing you will receive will be the transcript of the message, in a few seconds . As you can see, fast and simple.
Of course, you must bear in mind that Alfred The Transcriber is available in Spanish, English, French and German and that the audios should not be longer than 60 seconds. Without a doubt, the great advantage of this WhatsApp bot lies in not having to install anything additional on your phone. As an unfavorable point, we are not stopping sending an audio to someone unknown, so it is not recommended if private or confidential issues are discussed .
Now you know a new alternative to be able to convert WhatsApp audio into text completely free of charge and without having to download a third-party APP for it.
As you have seen, it is an option that may have some disadvantages such as not being compatible with audios longer than 60 seconds or the fact that in the end we are sending a personal message to a stranger. This would be a problem for private messages or with confidential topics, but for a banal audio of your friend it is a more than interesting option.
Take advantage of this tool and forget about downloading applications for this purpose because Alfred The Transcriber makes it faster and easier. Follow us for more WhatsApp tricks and to be aware of the latest news about the Android app store, Play Store .


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