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Tutorial How to create a Google Developer account [2022]

Tutorial Google Account Manager, Android
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How to create a Google Developer account [2022],

In order to upload your APPs to the Android Play Store, you will need more than just a simple Google account, in these cases it will be a requirement to have a Google developer account and we will tell you how to create it.

Have you already prepared your first APP to publish in the Play Store? Many developers tend to think that in order to do so they will only need a simple Google account, like the ones we use as users, but the truth is that the main requirement will be to have a Google developer account. The registration process is very simple and is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. This account will give you access to the Play Console, from where we can start uploading our application.
Step 1
It's going to seem like a loop, but to create a Google developer account we need a regular Google account. These accounts are free and most users have one. If so, use it to set up the developer account, otherwise you'll need to create a Google account first in order to continue.
Therefore, if you have a Google account you can skip to the next step, otherwise create your account easily from the Gmail page.
Step 2
Do you already have your Google account ready? So we can continue with the tutorial. The next step is to create a Google developer account and the easiest thing is to access the Google Play console, although with any simple search on Google you will be able to find the option.
Once inside the Google Developer Console you will have to accept the distribution agreements of the mobile application. Likewise, you will have to configure the connection between both accounts that we have created (the Google account and the developer account).
Choose a personal or company email with which the games will be published and all we have to do is click on the button that says " Create account and pay ".
Step 3
It is the moment in which Google earns money and that comes out of our pocket, although you should take it as an investment if you trust the possibilities of your application within the Android store. The payment is a single fee that is paid during the registration process and whose amount is in dollars, regardless of the country in which you are going to open the account.
To make the payment you can use the same Google Wallet platform, but if you don't have it, don't worry because credit card payments are accepted.
The one-time payment will be 25 USD and will be associated with the account, so you can continue to use it for future projects, for which you will no longer be charged this amount.
Step 4
The most technical has already happened and we will only have to complete the account information, a process that will be different depending on whether it is a personal account or the account of an organization or company.
For personal accounts you will have to fill in the following fields:

    - Developer name (will be the one shown to users)
    - Contact name
    - Email
    - Contact address
    - Telephone number for contact (use international format)
    - Website

While company accounts or organizations will have to provide the following information:

    - Developer name (displayed to the client)
    - Name of the company/organization
    - Address of the organization
    - Company phone
    - Company website
    - Name of the contact person
    - Email
After the last step, the last thing you have to do is accept the terms and conditions of the service and you will be ready to create the account. We recommend that before taking everything for granted, review all the contact information and verify the ones that are missing, such as the phone number or email.
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