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Tutorial How to fix "Download Pending" Issue in Play Store [2022 SOLUTIONS]

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How to fix "Download Pending" Issue in Play Store [2022 SOLUTIONS]

Are you trying to download an APP or game in the Play Store and the message "Download Pending" appears? It could be due to several reasons that we will see here so you can learn how to solve it.

When most Android users want to download an application or game, they go to the Google Play Store, the Android application store where you will find everything you need. Although it is very useful, the truth is that sometimes it surprises us with errors that we do not know how to deal with.
One of them is the "Pending Download" which never finishes starting and gets stuck in that loop. What is really going on? Why does it not allow us to download normally?
There are several reasons that lead to this application failure and we are going to see them all so that you take them into account when finding the solution. Therefore, if you experience the "Download Pending" error in the Play Store, we offer you the solutions that can lead you to end it in 2022.
Do not despair if you are not able to download the APP you want because, luckily, there are very varied solutions with which we can put an end to it. The reason is that this error is usually caused by several factors and we must take them all into account to know what is preventing us from completing the download.
Pay attention because with these 5 solutions we are convinced that you will end the problem and you will be able to download the APP you need normally.

Check Storage

We will start with the most frequent and that, many times, we do not usually take into account because it is so logical that it is sometimes forgotten. Storage problems on the device are what usually cause this "Download Pending" problem because there really is not enough space in the memory.
How can we know if it is a storage problem? Well , checking the status of the phone's memory within the settings, in the Storage section. If when entering we find a memory full or at the limit of being, you will have found the problem of the pending download.
The solution is to free up space to make room for the new APP . We can do this manually or with an application that makes the task easier, as is the case with Google Files. Get rid of those APPs that you no longer use to make room and once there is enough space, the download of the APP that we had pending will start.
If, on the other hand, when checking the storage of your device, you verify that it has enough space, the problem will be caused by another reason, so you should continue reading.

Check the connection

The second main reason why the "Download Pending" message can be given is related to the lack of Internet connectivity . As you know, to start any download in the Play Store we are going to require an Internet connection, so if the connection fails, the download will never start and it will hang with the message that indicates the download problem.
To check if this is what is causing the problem, we will have to carry out the following checks:

  • 1. The easiest way to know if you are having connection problems is to check it by starting an APP that requires an Internet connection . If you experience problems loading it, it means that your connection is experiencing problems.

  • 2. Another option is to perform a speed test to find out if you have connection problems. Remember that if you use a WiFi connection, you can also try restarting the router.

  • 3. Finally, we recommend that you change your connection . This means that if you are using mobile data, change it to WiFi or vice versa. Sometimes, users have activated that the largest downloads do not start if there is no WiFi connection and this could be the problem.

Clear Google Play cache

If the other two solutions above have not worked for you, since that was not what was causing the problem, this may be your option. Sometimes, it is the problems in the Play Store cache that generate this "Pending Download" and to end it we will have to do some checks. The cache is a memory that fills up as we use applications on our device, also when we use the Play Store.
It is something very useful since its objective is that the applications open faster on the phone, but as you can see it can also cause problems. If too much data accumulates in the cache, it can be corrupted and, if this happens, problems begin when downloading APPs.
The cache is usually behind a large percentage of "Download Pending" problems, and if too much information has accumulated in the Play Store cache, it will throw us problems in its operation. To check if this is what is causing the problem, we will have to clear the cache. How to Clear Play Store Cache on Android? Follow these steps.

  • 1. Access the Settings of your Android device

  • 2. Go to the "Applications" section

  • 3. Select the Play Store application within the list of APPs that you have on the phone

  • 4. Once inside, we are going to go to the "Storage" section

  • 5. Within this we will find an option "Cache"

  • 6. Click on the option to Clear cache and clear data

When you have cleared the Play Store cache, it is time to go back to the APP to check if it has started or you can start the download that you had blocked with the "Download Pending" message. Don't worry if the Play Store APP now loads slower, it's normal after deleting the data stored in the cache.

restart the download

Not all solutions are so convoluted and there are other cases in which it may be a specific failure. A simple error in our connection, phone or in the APP while we start the download can throw us this error, which does not mean that there is a big problem behind it to solve. Sometimes it is enough to simply stop the download and restart it again .
This solution may seem very obvious, but trust us, it usually works very well and few people immediately fall for it. As we told you, the failure may be momentary and may be caused by a failure in the phone or in the APP itself . The important thing is that it is not durable and that simply going to the pending downloads, stopping it and starting it again solves it.

Reboot the device

And, without a doubt, the dumbest option, but at the same time efficient, is to restart the device directly. This solution works very well with multiple Android problems and it was not going to be less with this one that we are dealing with today. It is possible that some error has occurred during the download process , either due to a failure of the mobile or the APP itself, but restarting these processes will end completely.
eye! We recommend restarting the device, which is not the same as turning it off and on. To do this, press the power button and select the Restart option . Wait for the process to complete and the device to turn back on. Try downloading again and if this time there are no problems, you have found the cause of the error.
What do you think of all these solutions? Have you managed to solve the problem with our help? We would love for everyone to answer "Yes" to this last question as it is our goal when creating this type of tutorials and articles.
These are the most frequent reasons why this "Download Pending" problem is generated, although there are many others that can be more complicated. But, in the vast majority of cases this is not usually the case and with the previous solutions this experience should end.
And do not forget that we are here to offer you the latest news about the Play Store and the most outstanding applications of the Android virtual store. All the information you need is available at!


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