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Tutorial How to Install APPs from Play Store without Internet [2022]

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How to Install APPs from Play Store without Internet [2022], Download

Did you know that there is a way to download applications from the Play Store without the need for an Internet connection? This is a trick that very few know and that we share with you today here, in

How many times have we needed to download an APP just when we are in a place with little or no Internet connection? It's something we've all experienced, and if you haven't done it yet, get ready because that day will come. Luckily for you, we are going to offer you a very simple trick with which you will be able to carry out this task without the need for Internet access.
This is possible thanks to one of the most recent tools that are included in most Android phones and it represents a great saving because you will be able to download multiple applications without spending the gigabytes of your data plan .
Of course, it will require a series of requirements, which you must make sure you have before trying this trick with which to download applications from the Play Store without an Internet connection. The first of them will be to have another Android device , be it the device of your partner, a relative or another that you have yourself. Also, both devices must have the "Share with Nearby" option .
What is Nearby? Nearby is a system very similar to that of Bluetooth, but much improved since it speeds up the transfer of multimedia files such as photos, videos, documents or applications, which is precisely the latter that interests us.
Do you already have everything you need? Well, pay attention to the following steps that we tell you how to download APPs offline in Play Store .
Step 1
The first step to install an APP from the Google Play Store without an Internet connection will be to enter the Android application store.
Once inside, with both devices, we are going to press on the icon of your profile picture located in the upper right corner.
Step 2
Once inside the profile we have to look for the option " Manage devices and Apps ".
Step 3
Once inside here you will find the Nearby icon and it presents us with two options: "Send" and "Receive".
As is logical, the device that is going to be the issuer of the APP will be the one that has to choose the "Send" option.
Step 4
At this time you will have to click "Continue" and after that they will require the necessary permissions to access your location . You must accept it to continue with the process.
Step 5
The time has come to choose which applications we are going to transfer to the device offline .
NOTE: Remember that the applications that you can share must be free, and it is not possible to transfer paid applications.
Step 6
Now yes, we are going to click on the "Send" option which you will find in the upper right corner. We must do this with the mobile that has the APP that we want to transfer and now it will be waiting for the transfer to be accepted.
Step 7
With the receiving phone we will have to tap on "Receive" and we will wait for it to link with the device that sent the file, in this case the APP.
Step 8
To finish, a security code will appear on both devices to be accepted and thus the process of transferring the APP from one phone to another can start .
With this, everything would be ready for the transfer of the APP to be completed from one device to another. The truth is that it is not a process that usually takes long, something that would be much more tedious with the classic Bluetooth.
Of course, you must bear in mind that it may take longer if we are transferring more than one APP at the same time , but do not worry because the wait will not be eternal either.
Now that you know how to install apps from the Play Store offline , it's time for you to take advantage of this trick and keep it in mind when you face a situation like the one we've described.
And don't forget that at we keep up to date with the latest news from the Play Store and the most recognized applications from the Android application store. Do not miss anything and get the most out of your Android mobile!


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