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Tutorial How to install Google Play Store on any device step by step

Tutorial Google PlayStore, Android
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How to install Google Play Store on any device step by step, Download

In this guide we teach you how to install Google Play Store on any Android device step by step

Step 1
On your Android device, enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. Do it as follows:

  • Open the “Settings” or “Settings” menu.

  • Type in the settings search if your device allows it “Unknown applications”. If you do not get results or you do not have this search engine, click on "Applications" or "Privacy / Security" (Depending on the terminal) - "Special application access" - "Install unknown applications"

  • Here we will find either a single option to activate the installation of unknown applications or an individual one for each application. Select the web browser and make sure it is authorized

Step 2
On the device you want to install Play Store, open the website to see the details of our device and note the version of the operating system and architecture. You can also do it in “Settings” – “About phone” – “Software information”
Step 3
Now we must download the necessary files for the Play Store installation on our device. We start with the first necessary component "Google Account Manager". -> Download free Google Account Manager
Step 4
Next we download the following "Google Services Framework" components, we must download the version that matches the Android version of our device.
For example if our android version is 9, we will select Google Services Framework [9]. -> Download free Google Services Framework
Step 5
We continue with the component "Google Play Services". -> Download free Google Play Services
Step 6
The last of the necessary downloads is "Google Play Store". We always select the most recent version. -> Download free Google PlayStore
Step 7
Use a file explorer to go to the folder where the downloaded files are, normally it will be “Downloads” and check the names carefully to open the files and install them in the following order:

  1. google.gsf.login



  4. android.vending

Once you finish installing them, restart the device so that the services start and have the Play Store enabled.


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