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Tutorial How to know what version of Android TV my TV uses and how to update it

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How to know what version of Android TV my TV uses and how to update it

Do you want to update your Android TV to the latest version? The first thing you should be clear about is what version your Android Smart TV is using and we will show you how to do it to carry out the update.

Keeping your Android television up to date is important because with the updates improvements are made to the system, errors are corrected and new features are added. To enjoy all these advantages, you need to keep your Android TV updated and that is what we will teach you today.
But what version is your Android TV currently using? This is the first question that we have to ask ourselves since it will be the only way to know if we already have the latest version or if we can force the device to check for updates to install. If you want to know how to check which version of Android TV you are using and how to check for updates , keep an eye on this article until the end. Let's start!

Where can I check what version of Android TV my television has?

Before knowing if our Android TV needs a system update, we are going to have to check exactly what version of the operating system we are using at the moment. Do not worry because it is very simple and you will find the information on the Smart TV itself. The route to follow to get to this information may vary depending on precisely what version of Android TV you are using.
What is general in all versions is that we are going to have to go to Settings . Many Android TV remotes have a specific button for settings, but otherwise you will simply have to go to the icon that is usually in the upper right corner.
Within the Settings the steps may vary slightly depending on the operating system and its version, but do not worry because there are only a couple of options. In older versions of Android TV, this option will come within the Settings, in the "Device Preferences" section and once inside in "About". For the newer versions, you will simply find the "About" option and that is where you will find the information you need.
Within these sections you should find a headline that says "Version" or "Android Version" and that is where the information you needed will appear. Now you simply have to see if there is one superior to the one you already have installed, but we will see that better in the next point.

How to update Android TV to the latest software version

You can do this whole process at once, first looking at what version of the operating system you are using and then checking if there are updates available for a new version. It is simpler and less repetitive, since really once you are in this part of the settings, everything is quite close.
Look within "About" or "System" for an option that refers to "Update Software" . It is within this section where you can find if there are recent updates. If so, click on it to start downloading and installing the new version. Remember that for this your android smart tv must be connected to the Internet or the updates will not be found and the download will not be possible.
In order not to have to repeat this from time to time, on many devices you can find an option that activates automatic system updates. By activating this option you will no longer have to worry about the software version that your Android TV has because every time a new version is available it will be downloaded automatically.
Of course, keep in mind that sometimes automatic updates take longer to appear than if we search for them manually. Knowing this, it is already in your hands to choose if you want it to be done automatically or if you prefer to update it yourself from time to time or when you know that there is a new update.
And this is the end of today's article/tutorial, somewhat shorter than usual, but the task of updating your Android TV to the latest version is very simple and will not entail any complications for users, no matter how little they understand technology.
As we have already told you, the ideal way to carry out this check is to start from the beginning and that is by knowing what version of Android TV your television is using . Once you know, it will be clearer that you need an update or not, which will also be available from the same device.
Did you find this information useful? Well, this has only just begun. Stay with us and keep up to date with all the news from the Play Store and its most outstanding applications! All this in


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