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Tutorial How to remove watermark from a Tik Tok video


How to remove watermark from a Tik Tok video |

Do you want to download a Tik Tok video but the watermark annoys you? Forget about APPs or stories, we tell you how to get it in the fastest and easiest way.

It cannot be denied that TikTok has revolutionized social networks, especially since the pandemic, and that it is in a boom period among the young and the not so young. The APP has multiple functionalities and among them, we are allowed to download the videos directly to our mobile device.
The problem is that doing so includes a typical watermark, which is often annoying. Also, when you want to take advantage of content from one social network to another, preventing the TikTok logo from appearing on your Instagram Reels is essential if we want to avoid penalties.
Today there are many mobile applications that allow you to erase this watermark, but we find it very inconvenient to have to use an extra APP to achieve our goal. That is why today we are going to introduce you to our favorite feature and that is . It is an online page that is responsible for removing the TikTok watermark from any video faster and easier.
Pay attention to the necessary steps to achieve your goal and forget about downloading additional APPs to remove the TikTok watermark from videos .
Step 1
To start the tutorial you have to select the video you want to download. Open the TikTok app and find your chosen video. Once in it, you must click on the share button (arrow button to the right, under the comments) and among the available options you will find "Copy link".
Step 2
Once we have selected the previous option and we have the link of the TikTok video that we want to download, it is time for you to discover our favorite website, although there are many others that do this task online without the need to download any additional application.
We are talking about , a very simple website where you will immediately find the bar where you must paste the link.
Step 3
As we told you, the website is very intuitive, however in the following photograph you will see perfectly illustrated the two steps that you must take in this third point. The first, copy the link that we had obtained from TikTok in the bar; and, the second, we will click on Download to start the Download .
Step 4
When the website finishes processing the file upload, it will offer you different options to download. First of all, you will have the audio of that video available, but what we want here is to get a TikTok video without the watermark , which will also be available for download.
Didn't you imagine that removing the watermark from a TikTok video was so simple? Surely you have heard of the options to remove this mark with the help of some additional APP, but we understand that everyone does not take so much trouble. For this reason, we believe that the best option is to use the online pages that download it immediately and without further complications.
Did you know about this option? It is the fastest and most efficient, but as we say, it is not the only website that offers us this function. The important thing is that you already know that they exist and that removing the watermark from a TikTok video is easier than you thought. For this and many other tips and tricks, we recommend that you stay tuned to our website for future updates.