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Tutorial How to restore a deleted App on your Android phone

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How to restore a deleted App on your Android phone, Free download

Did you delete an APP that you now need and can no longer find? Don't worry because in the Play Store we will find the solution to restore those apps that were deleted due to disuse or error so that you can easily enjoy them again. I'll tell you

Throughout the useful life of our Android phones, many APPs will pass through them, some of which are for daily use while others are more sporadic. The problems begin to arrive with the lack of memory in the device, it requires us to delete an APP and we begin to make a selection. In these cleanings, sometimes, we tend to take away applications that although we do not use every day, the truth is that they can serve us again.
What happens when I need to recover an APP that I already had installed on my mobile phone and I can't remember the name? Well don't worry because there are solutions for this and it is given to us by the Play Store itself. Stick around till the end and you will learn how to restore deleted apps on Android easily and quickly .

What apps can I restore to my Android phone?

Not all the applications that we have had on our mobile phone are going to be able to be recovered, but the vast majority of them can. The first requirement to be able to restore an application on your device is that you carry out the download from the Play Store itself. In the Android application store there is a record of the APPs that we have downloaded, not only on our phone, but on any device in which we have logged in with that Google account. Therefore, if you installed the APP on the device manually using an APK file, we will not find a record of it .
On the other hand, not all APPs can be recovered as some have simply been removed from the platform . If Google removes an app or game for security risks or any other reason, we will never be able to get it back, at least not in the traditional way.

How to recover deleted apps on Android

The time has come to share the simple steps that will take us to the list of APPs that have been downloaded at some point to your device, among which you will find the one you are looking for. Remember that this only works with those applications that have been downloaded from the official Android store, those downloaded from alternative means such as other stores or APK files will not work.
You should also bear in mind that you can restore that application if you use the same Google account on the device where you want to download the APP again. Having all this clear, it is time for us to see the steps we have to take to reach that list of APPs that have been part of our device at some point in its life.

  • 1. Launch the Play Store APP

  • 2. Click on your profile picture at the top right (if you don't have the latest version, look for the icon: ☰ ).

  • 3. When displaying the Menu, select Manage Apps and device.

  • 4. In the next step you have to click on the Manage tab that you will find at the top of the screen.

  • 5. You will see how a large list of applications installed on your mobile phone appears, but they are all there.

  • 6. To get to the ones that we no longer have installed on the phone we are going to have to click on the Installed option and at the bottom you have two options. You have to click on No Install.

  • 7. Now yes, we have a list with all those applications that we have had installed on the mobile in the past but that are no longer there.

  • 8. Now all you have to do is look for the APP you need in the list, click on it and carry out the installation in the usual way in the Play Store.

An alternative solution with Android Backup Service

A solution to the problem that we are commenting on also comes from the hand of Android Backup Service, which is a service that is available in Android and that makes a backup copy of all the installed APPs . Therefore, not only is it capable of collecting all the information about these applications, but we will also be able to restore those that have been deleted from the phone. Of course, the process is more complicated than the previous one and it is something you should know.
What we must do is execute the commands to access the option. You should also keep in mind that this is a solution available only for devices that have an operating system of Android 7.0 or higher. In this case, the command that we must execute in Android Backup Service is adb shell bmgr backupnow, which is the one that takes you to start a backup of the applications .
This way you will have a backup and you will be able to restore those APPs that were uninstalled, although as you will have verified, our first solution is much simpler and the one that we recommend the most.
Have you seen how easy it is to solve this question on how to restore a deleted APP on Android? Luckily, the Play Store thinks of everything and gives us the opportunity to access that list in which all the APPs installed on your phone or that have been part of it at some point appear . Not only the APPs that you have had on your phone, but all those that have been downloaded through your Google account, which is ideal when you change your phone, either by choice or by force.
The best thing about this list is that, in addition, we will be able to filter and order by certain factors. This seems silly but it is very useful if you want to sort your deleted APPS by date , which makes the search much easier.
We hope you have found this new tutorial useful and that you continue to get the most out of your Android phone and your Play Store account. Remember to stay tuned to our page where we will tell you about the latest news from the Android Play Store and its most outstanding applications. Only here at!


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