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Tutorial How to see the phone on the screen of your car

Tutorial Android Auto, Android
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How to see the phone on the screen of your car,

Using your phone on your car's multimedia screen to watch YouTube, Netflix or play games is possible and very few know how to do it. Click not to miss this tutorial with 5 easy steps to see your phone on the car screen

Can you imagine what it would be like to watch Netflix on the screen of your car? Did you know that you can even play your mobile games on your car screen? Yes, all of this is possible thanks to the Android Auto APP, which has become a fundamental tool when it comes to controlling and getting more out of our vehicle's screen. The truth is that the APP still has functions that do not work or are more limited, but today it offers great advantages that you can start enjoying if you know how to do it.
One of them will be to be able to share the screen of our mobile device with that of the car, which is exactly the main topic of this tutorial. In this way you can use the screen as a television since you can play YouTube videos or even watch a Netflix series. Do you want to know how to do it? Pay attention to these steps and get the most out of your car screen in your free time.
*Remember not to use these applications with the car in motion as it is something that can distract the driver.
Step 1
To achieve the objective that we pursue with this tutorial we are going to need the Android Auto APP, much better if we have the latest version updated. At the end of this tutorial we leave you the APK file with the latest version of Android Auto so you can start installing it. Download it on your mobile device, making sure you have activated the option that allows the installation of applications from external sites.
Step 2
Once the installation of Android Auto is finished, we will enter the APP and search the Android Auto Store , in which we will be able to find the different applications available for our car.
Step 3
Within the Android Auto store we will find a list with all the applications that are compatible with the screen of your car. Within the list we must find the Screen2Auto APP that will be the one that will serve us for what we want, to see the screen of our phone in the car.
We will simply install Screen2Auto and wait for the process to complete before moving on to the next point.
Step 4
The next step will be to open the new Screen2Auto APP and accept all the permissions that are requested. Be careful accepting the "Root" option, you will only have to do it if you have this feature installed on your mobile, otherwise leave it unselected and then continue.
Step 5
As you have seen, being able to see the screen of your smartphone on the screen of the car is very simple and we will have to get hold of the Android Auto APP, otherwise this will be an impossible task. It is a very useful function to get more out of the car screen and to find leisure time even when we have to travel or even spend the night in our vehicle.
Did you know this functionality? Well, we're glad that now you can take advantage of it thanks to this tutorial, and we work every day so that the Play Store and its best features have the necessary visibility so that all our users can get the most out of their devices. Keep an eye on our website so you don't miss tutorials, articles and APK files with the latest versions of your favorite APPs .


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