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Tutorial How to see WhatsApp Messages Deleted by someone else

Tutorial WhatsAPP, Android
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How to see WhatsApp Messages Deleted by someone else, Free download

Have you been late to a conversation and there is a deleted message? Are you curious to know what it put? Today we tell you how you can see the WhatsApp messages deleted by the other person.

Some time ago WhatsApp decided to implement the option to delete messages after a certain time since it was sent. This is very useful because if we have sent something by mistake or we have simply regretted what we have put, we can delete the message from both our cell phone and the recipient's.
But, who made the law cheated and today there are tricks that allow us to decrypt those deleted messages that have been sent to us . We talk about it in the article on how to convert whatsapp audios to text for free since we have discovered this trick thanks to that tutorial.
The solution goes through the Android notification log , here we could find the content of those deleted messages. Although it is a hidden registry in the system, access is quite simple and you will not need a third-party APP to do so.
So yes, if you want to know what is behind the message "This message was deleted" that WhatsApp throws when this happens, stay with us as we share our trick with you and we will also tell you in which cases it works and in which it does not.

Which deleted WhatsApp messages can I recover and which can't?

Before we go on to explain what this trick consists of to recover the messages deleted from WhatsApp by the other person, you should know that this option will not be valid in all cases. That is why we think it is important that you know the limitations of this trick before carrying it out.

  • The first thing is to make sure that you have notifications activated since the messages will be extracted from them. Also, if you received the message when the screen was on and the conversation was open, without generating a notification, the message will not appear in the log either.

  • On the other hand, to retrieve messages you have had to interact with them in some way, only messages marked as seen are saved . For example, if you have deleted the floating notification or the status bar it would be worth for the system to include it in the registry, otherwise it replaces it with the text "This message has been deleted".

  • It is also important that you know that only text messages will be recovered and that they are not longer than 100 characters. By this we mean that photos or files cannot be recovered. Of course, unlike the typical WhatsApp message in the registry, it will tell us if what was deleted was text or a photograph.

  • If you have received a lot of messages that have been unified in a single notification , you should know that only the last message will be registered.

  • It is essential that you also know that the registry will keep a limited number of notifications , if that limit is reached, the oldest notifications will be deleted to make room for the new ones. The record, in turn, is completely deleted if you restart your phone and from there it starts saving notifications again.

  • This method is also valid for other APPs that allow you to delete messages for everyone , such as Telegram, for example.

  • To benefit from this trick you must have a terminal whose operating system is equal to or greater than Android 7 . In Android 6 there is the option to be able to see the notification history, but it does not show the content.

Trick to Recover WhatsApp Messages Deleted by the Other Person

Well, as we have already told you, in order to recover the messages deleted from WhatsApp by the other person, we will have to access the notification history .
Access the Widgets and find one called "Configure" . Within it you will find an option "Notification Log" and from there you will be able to see the most recent WhatsApp messages, including those that were deleted by the other person.
When you press on a deleted WhatsApp message in the history it will expand with more information. To find out what was in the message, you should look for the line "android.text" and the content of the original message will appear there.
Don't worry if you can't find the Configure widget as there are some alternatives , although this time we do have to use third-party APPs. There are applications that show you the notification history such as Notification History or Notification Log Shortcut, among others.
Another option is to install Nova Launcher , a desktop that will give you access to "Activities" and inside there you will have a notification log that you can check to see these messages that have been deleted by the sender of WhatsApp.

What can you do to safeguard important messages on WhatsApp?

If you think that a message you have received on WhatsApp deserves to be protected in case the other person deletes it, you have many options available to save it and that in the end it will be impossible for them to deny said message.
Without a doubt, one of the best known and simplest tricks is to quote the message . If you reply to a quoted message, no matter how much it is subsequently deleted, the original text will always be reflected in the quote. Other options of this type are to forward the message to another person since in that case it will never be able to be deleted from the third person's terminal.
In addition to the simplest options, we are also going to present you with some other options that could work for you from now on.

APPs to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

In the market of applications there are a large number of them designed to automatically save any message deleted by the recipient . The best thing is that they have few limitations, which makes them more effective than our hack. Of course, you are going to leave your information more compromised since this type of application will ask you for permissions to access your notifications. So it has both advantages and disadvantages.
Among these advantages we also find being able to recover all kinds of messages, whether text or even photos , and it is useful both for WhatsApp and for other instant messaging applications such as Telegram.
One of these APPs is WhatsRemoved, which is ideal for viewing deleted messages not only from WhatsApp but also from Facebook, Messenger and Telegram, although you can find many more in the Play Store.
The biggest handicap? Well, you will not be able to recover messages prior to the installation of the APP , so if you do not meet this requirement, you will have to continue choosing our option.

Can I use WhatsApp Backup to recover messages deleted by the other person?

Surely it has crossed your mind that in the WhatsApp backup you would also be able to find the messages that have been deleted by the other person. Well, we are sorry to disappoint you, but it is not usually very effective .
This happens because WhatsApp performs the backup, at least daily, so if the message was sent and deleted on the same day, something that will be the case because you have 68 minutes to delete the message, it will be useless to restore the last copy of WhatsApp security because the "This message was deleted" message has probably already been registered .
But, don't rule out this option too soon because WhatsApp has been talking for some time that they are going to implement the power to delete messages days after they have been sent and in those cases, surely the WhatsApp backup could help us decrypt the deleted message.


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