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Tutorial How to see the phone on the screen of your car

Tutorial Android Auto, Android
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How to see the phone on the screen of your car,

Using your phone on the multimedia screen of your car to watch youtube, netflix or even to play games is possible and we show you how

Android Auto is a fantastic tool to be able to control our mobile from the screen of the vehicle in a comfortable way. But this app is limited and certain features are not yet active or disabled at all. In this guide we show you how you can share the screen of your smartphone, which will allow you, among other things, to watch Netflix or YouTube directly projected on this car multimedia screen.
Remember for safety not to use the app when you find yourself with the car running.
Paso 1
The first thing we must do is download the app on our smartphone and make sure we have the option to install unknown applications activated as it is an external application to the official store.
Paso 2
Once installed, we search for Android Auto Store in the menu and open the app
Paso 3
Now we find a list of applications that are compatible with the car screen. We search the Screen2Auto list and select it.
Paso 4
Now open the app and set the permissions. You will need to select all permissions except 'Root' unless you have the phone with this feature enabled which allows access to some exclusive features.
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