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Tutorial How to update Play Store to the latest version [2022]

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How to update Play Store to the latest version [2022] | Download

Is your Play Store updated to the latest version? We give you the keys to discover which version you are using and how you can force the update to the latest version of the Google Play Store.

It is not strange that your mobile has not yet recognized a latest version of the Play Store available and this can be a bit detrimental if you want to take advantage of the best user experience and enjoy the latest features that are implemented in the Android store.
The Google Play Store is not the Google APP that receives the most news throughout the year, but it is always recommended to update the Play Store to the most recent version . This application cannot be missing from our Android devices since it gives us access to millions of APPs and games.
As carrying out the update of this application is not the same as the rest of our phone, we are going to explain how to update the Play Store to the latest version , in addition to first making sure what update you currently have.

Update Play Store to the latest version for free

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the Play Store APP is totally dependent on Google Play services and that, therefore, it is likely that the most recent version of the app store will be installed automatically if we have updated these services. Google services.
This is what makes updating the Play Store totally different and for devices that do not have Google services pre-installed, it will be much more complicated , as is the case with the most recent Huawei-branded devices.
But before explaining how you can update the Play Store to the latest version, the first thing to do is to know which one we are currently using. We show you how in the next section.

What version of Google Play Store do I have installed?

It is time for you to discover which version of the Play Store you are currently using, an important step since not all of us have to use the same one. Google is testing its APPs and this can mean that some users have new features that others do not, even if they are using the same version.
Even if you think that you are already using the latest version of the Google Play Store , it is best to make sure and we can do it with four simple steps.

  • 1. Open the System Settings app

  • 2. Go to Applications

  • 3. In the list, you must search for Google Play Store and enter it

  • 4. Here, at the bottom, the version you have installed will appear

How do you know if that is the latest version available? Well, your best option to find out is to take a look at our downloads since here we always have the most updated version for all our users.

How to update Google Play Store to the latest version

If after the previous check you have discovered that you are not using the latest version of the Google Play Store, you should take action on the matter and we will explain what options are available to you to carry out the update .

Force Update on Play Store

In the Android application store itself we can find the solution to this problem and it is from here that we can search for new versions of the APP. Just as we have looked at what version we have installed, we can look for new updates , if any, to install them. To do this you must follow the following steps.

  • 1. Go to the Play Store APP and launch it

  • 2. Tap on your account profile picture to display the Menu and access "Settings"

  • 3. Once inside, you will find an "Information" section and one of the sections is "Play Store Version". You must click on "Update Play Store" and if there is a newer version than the one you are using, the download will start.

Another option in case this doesn't work

If the above has not worked, it does not mean that there is not another new Play Store update, it can simply happen due to an internal error or because the Play Store installation on your device is corrupted. This happens if a version of the APP not signed by Google has been installed before, so now you are prevented from installing the most recent official version.
Do not worry because this has an easy solution and we will explain it to you step by step.

  • 1. This time we start by entering the System Settings

  • 2. Enter the "Applications" section

  • 3. Within the list of APPs on your device, search for and launch the Google Play Store

  • 4. In "Storage" you will have the option to "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache"

This way we are going to get all the Google Play configuration on our phone or tablet to be eliminated, so that if you start Play Store now, the APP will appear as the first time you started it . Now, you can try to force the update with the steps in the previous section and see if it is now possible to install the new version.

Manual update with APK file

If the above is not effective either and you are aware that there really is a new version of Google Play Store, you have a third option that is usually much more effective. It involves downloading the APK file containing the new update yourself and forcing it on your device .
To do this, you will have to get hold of the APK file, which you will find at the end of this text, and take it to the desired device. You must have the option to install third-party applications activated and the process is extremely simple.


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