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Tutorial Install any version of Android TV on your PC

Tutorial Android TV, Pc
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Install any version of Android TV on your PC, Download Android TV

We show you how to install any version of Android TV or Google TV on PC. You can use it on a PC and connect it to your TV to watch movies or play your favorite mobile games.

Step 1
First of all we will download the latest version of Android Studio and run the application. We must agree to the terms before we can continue.
Step 2
Once accepted, there will be a small installation and we will have the main window where we must click on "More actions" and in the drop-down options click on "Virtual Device Manager".
Step 3
In the window that appears next, click on "Create Device".
Step 4
Then we select "TV" in the left column and then "Android TV" with the resolution of our screen that is available and press next.
Step 5
In this step we must select the version that we are going to install on the PC. We must download it first by clicking "Download". Once downloaded, click next.
Step 6
We leave the default configuration ensuring that the orientation is in "Landscape" so that the device is configured horizontally and we finish.
Step 7
The installation process is now complete. You just have to press the button to start it.


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