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Tutorial Install apps on Android TV from your phone

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Install apps on Android TV from your phone |

You cannot imagine how comfortable it is to order from your Smartphone that the APPs be installed on your Android TV. Don't know how to do it? Pay attention to this tutorial where we explain it to you

When we choose to buy a smart TV with the Android operating system, you should keep in mind that you will have access to a large number of applications thanks to the Play Store. Thus, you will have at your disposal applications of all kinds prepared to install on your operating system.
Of course, when we are faced with doing an operation on the television, it is usually very tedious to have to write using the remote. Searching for an application in the Play Store on your mobile can take 10 seconds, while this task on the TV can take much longer as you move through the letters, select, delete and press search.
This has an easy solution and that is that if you have an Android TV you can connect it to your mobile, start the download directly there and send it to the television. Do you want to know how? Well stay until the end as we explain how to install applications on your Android TV from your phone or tablet.
Step 1
To achieve our goal, the first thing we have to do is link the Play Store of your Android TV with that of the mobile . This is very simple since we simply have to have the same Gmail account active on both devices, which will allow us to install applications from the mobile to the TV.
Step 2
Once you have the session open on both devices, Play Store will recognize the situation and now in the APPs compatible with Android TV an arrow will appear in the "Install" bar , more specifically on the right as you can see in the image of example that we leave you.
Step 3
Click on the arrow and a panel will be displayed in which we can see all the devices associated with our Play Store account . The option marked by default is to install the APP on the device that we are using.
Deselect this option and choose the one that corresponds to your Android TV.
Step 4
Once the Smart TV option has been selected, all that remains is to click on download and a message will appear indicating that the APP will be installed in a few moments on your Android TV.
Remember that if the television is turned off, the download will start when it is turned on.
Easy, simple and in 4 simple steps you can start sending APPs from your mobile to your Smart TV with Android operating system. Of course, it is a very useful function that the Play Store has implemented and that helps us to carry out the installation of an application on all the devices that we have linked.
Do you want more tricks for Play Store? Do not miss the daily updates that we are adding to our website, with the latest APK links to download totally free and 100% safe and with the most current issues that have to do with the Play Store and its most outstanding APPs.

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