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Tutorial Install apps on Android TV from your phone

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Install apps on Android TV from your phone |

Discover the advantages of installing apps on your TV from your Android mobile device

The advantage of Android over other smart tv systems is that it has a wide application store that we can freely install on our TV. These can be installed by transferring the APK installation packages compatible with Android or with the Google Play Store already integrated as standard in these systems. But it is possible to do it with our phone directly with the comfort that this implies, discover how to do it below:
Paso 1
The first step is to log in with our Google account on the television, it must be the same account that we have linked to the mobile phone from which we want to install the applications.
Paso 2
Search your phone for the app you want to install on the TV and if it's compatible with Android TV, a drop-down arrow will appear next to the "Install" button.
Paso 3
Click on this icon to display a list of devices available for installing that app. Select the name of your TV and press "install".
Paso 4
Now your TV will either install the app if it's turned on, or install it the moment you turn it on.

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