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Learn how to react to whatsapp messages | Download free WhatsAPP

Do you know the new feature of WhatsApp that allows you to react to the messages you receive? Today we explain everything you need to know about the new WhatsApp reactions.

WhatsApp through its own CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced that the new WhatsApp functionality is now available worldwide in which we can react to the messages we receive with up to 6 different emojis offered by the application.
This function was already present in Facebook Messenger and now it reaches the instant messaging giant to make communication between people easier. With this new functionality we will be able to reply to messages more quickly and avoid leaving people unseen, something that usually causes many problems.
In the following article we will tell you what WhatsApp reactions are , their uses and how to react to WhatsApp messages on Android, IOS and whatsapp web. Start enjoying this new functionality and react to the messages that your family and friends send you.

What are WhatsApp reactions and what are they for?

WhatsApp reactions are nothing more than a series of emojis (6) with which we can reply to messages quickly and easily. This is not new in the world of social networks and instant messaging applications since it is a function that we can find in Telegram, Facebook Messenger and many other places.
To give you an idea, the function comes to supply the answer to a message that perhaps does not require it, but we avoid leaving the person in sight. With the reaction you will know that the message has been read and what you think, and it is at that point that the variety of emojis that you can find influences.
Currently there are six emojis that appear in the function and we cannot change it, at least for now. Without a doubt, they are well chosen because they can be adapted to all kinds of messages , finding the classic Thumbs Up emoji, the heart, a little face crying with laughter, a sad emoji, a surprised emoji and an icon of two hands joined by way of apology or asking for a favor.
The fun thing about the functionality is that we will be able to react to the messages they send us and also to our own if you want to reaffirm your opinion. In addition, we find it to be a very useful function for whatsapp groups where we can lose more conversations.. -> Download free WhatsAPP

How to react to WhatsApp messages?

This functionality is active in the latest versions of WhatsApp so you must make sure that you have the latest version so that you have it activated. To do this, you can do it from the Play Store or the IOS App Store, or you can download the most recent APK file, which you will find at the end of this text, and carry out the installation manually.
Once we have verified that we have the latest version or after having installed it, now we will have to follow a few simple steps, which are very similar on all WhatsApp platforms, although with slight differences.

How to use WhatsApp reactions on Android

Reactions will be available for any message or chat and doing so is quite simple. First of all, we must find that message to which we are going to want to react and press on it for a few seconds. This is how the 6 emojis will appear and we can select the one we want to react to the message.
Once you have sent the icon, it will appear at the bottom of the sender's message , thus ensuring that it is sent and received by the recipient.

How to react to WhatsApp messages on iOS

As we told you at the beginning, the process is quite similar in all versions of WhatsApp, regardless of the operating system used. In the case of Apple devices, the task is very similar since we will only have to make a long click on the message to which we want to react to bring up the 6 emojis that you can send to the recipient.
As in the previous case, the icon will remain anchored under the initial message and thus you will verify that it has been sent correctly.

How to react to messages on WhatsApp Web?

Reactions to messages are also available in the web version of WhatsApp and the process is even simpler. As you have seen, in previous versions you had to click on the message, while WhatsApp web is going to implement an exclusive button for reacting to messages .
What we will have to do is hover the cursor over the message to which we want to react and there we will see that an icon with an emoji appears in the right area. Click on it and the menu will be displayed with the 6 emojis with which you can react to the message.

How to delete reactions to WhatsApp Messages?

We find it interesting to stop at this point because it is just as important to know how to react to WhatsApp messages as it is to know how to delete them if we have done so by mistake. Also, this will be great for you to test that it works since you can react to any message and then delete it without leaving a trace.
The process is very simple and the same for all platforms, regardless of their Operating System (Android or iOS). You simply have to click on the reaction you have sent and a small menu will be displayed. Click on the icon again and the message reaction will disappear.
Easy and simple, so if you ever mess up by reacting to a message in the wrong way or you just didn't want to send it, now you know how to remove WhatsApp reactions .

How to know who has reacted to a WhatsApp message

It is clear that if they react to a message from us in an individual conversation, the owner of that emoji is our interlocutor, but what happens in WhatsApp groups? In these cases there are more people in the conversation and sometimes we will need to know who has reacted to our message or that of any other.
WhatsApp workers had also thought about this and that is why simply by clicking on the reactions we will access a new tab in which the name of the people who have reacted to the message and the emoji they have used will appear. .
WhatsApp reactions are waiting for you and now you can start enjoying them because you already have the data you need to get the most out of this new WhatsApp feature . As you have seen, the function is activated in a very simple way, regardless of the device we use and its operating system.
Undoubtedly, we must thank Meta and Mark Zuckerberg for making communication between people increasingly easier and now with emojis to react to messages also faster. Instant messaging applications are reinventing themselves more and more and seek to be up to date to become the preferred option for users.
WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded APPs in the Play Store and for this reason its news could not be missing on our website, since here we deal with both the latest news from the Android store and its most outstanding applications.


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