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Tutorial Learn how to react to whatsapp messages

Tutorial WhatsAPP, Android
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Learn how to react to whatsapp messages | Download free WhatsAPP

Now it is possible to react with emojis to WhatsApp messages. A long-awaited function that we teach you how to use.

In the latest update of the app, the message reaction function has been integrated, a utility that allows us to express ourselves more quickly in the conversation.
Paso 1
We must make sure we have the latest version of the app installed on our device.. -> Download free WhatsAPP
Paso 2
Open the app and go to the conversation that contains the message you want to react to
Paso 3
Then hold down the specific message you are going to react to to display the list of emojis that you can select and choose the one you want.
Paso 4
You should now be able to see the reaction under the message. If you click on the reaction you will see who is the author of it, this is especially useful in groups where you can check who each one belongs to.


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