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Tutorial New Changes in Google Play Store Reviews [ September 2022]

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New Changes in Google Play Store Reviews [ September 2022], Download

Google Play Store presents new changes in the reviews of its application store and we will tell you about them so that you can get the most out of your Android device.

An average of 1,800 new applications are uploaded to the Play Store every day, which helps to add the more than 3,200 million APPs that existed as of March of this year (2022).
Among so many applications it is normal that we get lost a bit, especially when we are looking for a utility and not a specific APP. Imagine you want to download a Calculator app. If you do the search, you will get infinite options and, what do we do now?
The ideal is that you take into account the technical factors, but, without a doubt, what will help you the most is to know the opinion of other users . This is where Google reviews come in, and they have been improved to be even more useful for everyone. We tell you everything below!
As we told you, when downloading an application from the Play Store you will find its specifications in plain view. Not only will you be able to know the size of the update, its functions or what data you share with the developer, but you will also have access to an evaluation system in which users, through their experience, value the applications to make the developer known. rest if it is a useful APP or if it contains errors that make it complicated to use.
Reviews have been valuable all this time, but the developers themselves have realized that they could be even more so. These reviews do not take into account who places them or their circumstances. An APP can work differently depending on the country in which the reviewer is located or depending on the device used. This is what has been tried to improve now with these new Google Play Store reviews .

Find Different Reviews Based on Devices Used

These implementations never arrive from one day to the next and this is one of those that Android had planned to launch at the beginning of the year. The wait will be worth it because now we are not going to access thousands of trivial comments, but rather the most useful ones according to our circumstances will be shown to us.
In the end, Google is always looking for a fast and useful user experience , to find what you need in the shortest possible time. That is what your search engine is based on and it will also do so in various areas, such as the Play Store. This change has now been implemented within the platform so that users can download the application with all the information at their fingertips.
In these cases, it will take into account the type of device on which the download will be made. When you go to the "Ratings and Reviews" option in the Play Store you will find a new legend that warns us of this change. The message is as follows: "The ratings and reviews are verified and come from people who use the same type of device as you."
In turn, the reviews that will be shown will also take into account factors such as the region from which the query was made, so the user who wants to install an application for their Smartwatch, for example, will see comments that are different from those that a person who wants to download the same APP but on their phone or tablet will see.

What is the reason for this change in the Play Store?

Not only do we want to give better functionality to Play Store reviews with this new change, but we also want to make users aware that the applications will not have the same performance or work in a totally identical way on any device . This is a factor that must be taken into account, that of the device on which the application has been installed. This does not mean that you will only see reviews of people with your same mobile (same brand and model) but that they will simply distinguish between Smartphones, Tablets and Smartwatches.
With this, what is achieved is that each comment, regardless of whether it is negative or positive, reflects in a more real way the experience of a user. That is why those that are seen from mobiles will be different from those that are shown on Tablet, to detail the experience of how the application unfolds on each of these devices .
This new functionality is now available, despite the long wait we have suffered to find it. The leaks that everything was ready to be launched have been going around the Internet for weeks, but now it is a reality since the company itself has confirmed it in a statement.
Google tells us that now the reviews that appear in the comments section of the APPs will be more useful since each user will appreciate the opinions of other people who have the same device and who live in the same geographical location.
At this point, it is also important to know that foldable phones will be recognized as tablets and those of these devices will appear in their Google Play ratings instead of mobile ones.
And you, what do you think of this new change in Play Store reviews? Leave us your opinion and also your doubts if you want us to dedicate the next article on our website to clarifying any question that torments you, both about the Play Store and the most famous APPs that it houses inside.


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