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Tutorial Tricks to detect Malicious Apps in Play Store

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Tricks to detect Malicious Apps in Play Store | Google PlayStore

One of the easiest accesses that hackers have to our mobile is through malicious applications and that is why you need these tricks to detect them.

No one is safe from a hacker attack and although there is a lot of reluctance to install third-party applications through APK files, like the ones we offer on our website, the truth is that applications with software can be sneaked into the Play Store itself. malicious that can endanger the information on our mobile phone.
There really is no guide with which we can be 100% sure that we are dealing with a reliable APP, but there are a number of factors that can shed a little more light. We are going to offer you a series of tricks or tips to detect a malicious APP before downloading it to your mobile device.

Do not trust Developers with a single APP

The first of our recommendations and that of the great cybersecurity experts is to take precautions with APPs whose developers do not have any more jobs in sight. Without a doubt, it may turn out to be a new developer, but in the face of insecurity, it is best to choose not to risk and put our terminal at risk.
In the Play Store they allow you to see different information about the person who has created an APP, such as the name of the developer company. In addition, you will be able to enter the developer's profile and check how many APPs are available in the Android store.
Experts recommend us to trust this type of profiles since it is very common for virus developers to only have an APP because if Google detects them, they will delete the account and that forces them to create new ones every time they want to operate again .
As we told you, this does not have to comply with all of them, but if you want to avoid risk, it is best to avoid downloading applications from developers with a single APP in their profile.

Pay attention to the company or website associated with the APP

Another of the tips that experts recommend and that we will share with all of you is to pay attention to associated companies or websites. Why? Because if these hacker profiles have something in common, it is that they do not usually add this information , leaving the associated company or its website empty.
Access the user information and display the form to see the different sections. If the two we just discussed are empty, run away! This is a fairly reliable indicator that the application you are going to download may have some type of virus or malware that can affect your personal information and your mobile device.

Beware of APPs with Policies of Use that are too short

And without a doubt, one of the indicators that can shed more light on the reliability of a Play Store APP is its use policies. In the information of an APP we will be able to find this data and it is very important because the experts have also warned that another point in common between these malicious profiles is that their use policies are very brief, almost even non-existent.
It is not only the extension that can make you doubt these usage policies, but also the rush to deceive people will make them use pages as unusual as Google Doc or Google Site . So if you're thinking of downloading an APP, but you're not sure, keep this aspect in mind before making the decision.

Other Indicators to Suspect a Play Store APP

Although these three tricks are usually the most decisive, there are many others that we can take into account when determining whether an APP is trustworthy or not. As we told you at the beginning, as a general rule, people tend to trust the security of the Play Store more than that of an APK file , but as you can see, this does not have to be the case since there are many hackers who bypass the controls of the Android store and end up making a malicious APP available to the public.
If you have ventured to download an APP that seems harmless, don't claim victory and take a good look at what kinds of information permissions they ask you for , since that is where the trap often lies. Why would a calculator APP want to ask you for access to your contacts or your files? If this happens, be suspicious.
The comments and the score of the APP can also be decisive, although the most reliable in these cases is to access the profile of the creator as we have mentioned before. This is the most reliable since hackers usually get positive reviews and ratings through bots and that is why it is not a key factor when deciding.
We know that deciphering if a Play Store APP is fraudulent or not is an almost impossible task, but it will be much easier if you pay attention to these tips and tricks that we have just mentioned. Remember that it is always better to download from the same store than from APK files from unreliable pages, that you should look at the developer of the APP and analyze the above factors to see if it is a trustworthy person.
And as for the APK files, only trust pages like since here we host the downloads on our own servers, totally safe and free of viruses. Opting for our website is the safest way to avoid APPs with malicious software that compromise our security.


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