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Tutorial Tutorial guide to install Aurora Store on Huawei

Tutorial Aurora Store, Huawei
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Tutorial guide to install Aurora Store on Huawei | Free download

We guide you step by step to install this wonderful download platform on your Huawei device

Step 1
Download the app on your phone and open it, accept the terms of service to continue
Step 2
Next we have documents about the application in case we want more information, click next
Step 3
In this step we must select only "Session installer" and press next.
Step 4
Now we need to make sure to give "installer permissions" so that it can install the apps on our device.
Step 5
The next screen will ask us what theme we want to use (light or dark) and what type of session we want to use, either our account or anonymous session. It is recommended to use an anonymous session, but we can use our account to save the list of applications that we use.
Step 6
You already have Aurora Store installed on your Huawei device, now you can install the applications you want without having to have Google Play Store.
From the settings you can also simulate that you access with other phone models (to download incompatible applications) and to other countries (to install apps that are not available in your country).


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