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Tutorial Tutorial to Return Purchases on Google Play without the Refund Button

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Tutorial to Return Purchases on Google Play without the Refund Button

Have you made an unwanted purchase on the Play Store? You can request the return through the button that enables the Android store, but what happens if it does not appear? We tell you the solution.

Have you bought a game or application from the Play Store and now you want to get your money back? There are usually no problems and it is that the Google Play Store platform itself adds a button where you can get a refund, although this only happens during the following hours after the purchase.
When those hours pass, the button disappears, but does that mean that we can no longer claim the return? Luckily not, there are other methods and that is what we are here to tell you about today. If you have made a purchase by mistake or if you have realized that the purchased APP does not really serve what you wanted, we will explain what the Play Store return mechanisms are available to you.

How the Google Play Store Refund Policy works

As you will know if you are an Android and Play Store user, most of the applications and content that we can find in this virtual store is free, but there are also applications, games, and other paid content that we can acquire in simple steps.
Your purchases will be protected by the Google Play Store refund policy , which you should know so you know what to do in the event of a return. To obtain a refund, it can be obtained in two ways: the first through Google Play and the second through the developer of the APP. In general, you can request a refund when:

  • 1. A family member or friend has made a purchase with your account by mistake , we can request a refund on Google Play

  • 2. If you have a purchase charge in the Play Store that has not been made by you or anyone in your family. You can report these unauthorized charges within 120 days of collection.

  • 3. Refund policies will be different depending on the type of item you purchased, so it's best to check them all on the Google Play page.

How to request a refund for recent purchases

Time will play in our favor if we have made a purchase by mistake since it is much easier to manage a return before 48 hours have passed since the transaction . If you meet this requirement, you will be able to request a refund through Google Play, a function that has improved with the latest updates since a button has been directly implemented that offers you to obtain a refund.
In the case of books, movies and other Play Store content , these can be refunded even after 48 hours have elapsed since the purchase, but to find out if you are covered by the refund policies, consult this section on their website.
The support service will give us an answer within 1 business day as a general rule, although it can be delayed up to 4 business days.

How to request a Return on Google Play without the Get Refund button

Now yes, we fully enter the subject that concerns us and that is that anyone can see the refund button in the purchased application, so this option is quite latent and known by everyone, especially by those used to making purchases in the android store .
That button will be visible in the downloaded application file itself, but it won't be there forever since it disappears over time. If you no longer have it available, do not worry because your options for obtaining a refund do not end here and there is a form that we can fill out to demand the return of the money.
The solution is in the online refund form that we can find on the Google page and that we attach below so that you can start the process if it is what you need:
This is how you will be able to request a refund of a purchase in the Play Store if the button enabled for it no longer appears in the product file. The form is the most recommended option when this happens and the response from customer service is quite fast when making returns.
Of course, you have to know that not all refunds are approved , that will be a decision that Google will make taking into account if the product is suitable for the return and if it meets the requirements of its policies, so we advise you to throw it away take a look before initiating any type of return.
Finally, you should also know that Google is not the only one that can make you refund a purchase, you can also try it by contacting the developer . Ultimately, they can provide you with a solution to the problem or decide whether to accept a refund.
Did you know about the Play Store refund form? We love that you learn how to get the most out of the Google store with our website and that is why you cannot miss the weekly updates that we are including in


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