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Tutorial Use multiple accounts of any app on your mobile phone

Tutorial Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts&Parallel Space, Android
Download Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts&Parallel Space

Use multiple accounts of any app on your mobile phone | Download

How to use two WhatsApp accounts from the same mobile phone? Surely at some point, out of necessity, you have asked yourself this question and today we are here to show you how easy it can be to achieve it thanks to the Multiple Accounts APP.

Those who have a personal and professional WhatsApp account know very well that using both in the same terminal seems like an impossible task, which is why many decide not to separate their accounts, with all that this entails. This is no longer such a problem thanks to the Multiple Accounts APP that will allow us to log in from different accounts on the same device.
Together with this tutorial we enclose the latest version of Multiple Accounts so that you can get hold of it and enjoy the benefits it brings to all those who need a parallel space or use multiple accounts at the same time on their mobile.
That said, we leave you with these 5 simple steps to complete this tutorial and start enjoying the benefits of Multiple Accounts.
Step 1
The first thing you should do is get the Multiple Accounts APP since it is the one that will allow us to open several sessions of the same application on a single device.
You can do it directly from the Play Store (also available for IOS) or get the latest version with the APK file that you will find at the end of these letters. Remember that all our downloads are hosted on our servers, free of viruses and 100% secure.
Step 2
Once downloaded and available to be used, we will take the first steps. Among them, we must accept their privacy policies to continue, in addition to giving the necessary permissions to the application to access the multimedia content and files of the device where it is being installed.
Step 3
Once the previous process is completed, we will have the screen as in the photograph that we show you below. Once at this point, to clone an APP we will have to click on the button that we find in the lower right corner.
Step 4
When you click on the button, it redirects us to a new screen in which all the applications that we have installed on the mobile device will be shown. Don't be surprised if there is any app not listed, that means it doesn't support clone function .
Find the APPs you want to clone in the list to log in with different accounts and wait for the duplicate icon to appear on the main screen of the application.
Step 5
We already have our duplicate APPs on the home screen of the application, but for extra comfort, the application allows us to take the duplicate programs to the home screen of our device, so we don't have to enter Multiple Accounts every time you want use it.
Distinguishing duplicate applications will be easy since a white frame and the infinity icon that serves as the APP logo are added to the original icon.
Isn't it easy to be able to use different accounts of an APP from a single device? Today there are solutions for all problems, some simpler and others that are easily solved thanks to applications as useful as Multiple Accounts. Forget about going with two mobiles or giving up your personal account because now you can do everything from the same device.
Has our tutorial helped you? We work daily to bring you the latest news about the Play Store and its most useful applications that make our day-to-day life much easier. Stay with us if you like the content and leave your suggestions on future topics in which you have doubts or curiosities. Here you will learn how to get the most out of your Android store!


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