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Tutorial Use multiple accounts of any app on your mobile phone

Tutorial Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts&Parallel Space, Android
Download Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts&Parallel Space

Use multiple accounts of any app on your mobile phone | Download

Learn how to have two Whatsapp accounts on a single Android phone

On some occasions we need to be able to have several accounts on the mobile phone, such as having, for example, a personal WhatsApp account and another to use at work, or playing with two different accounts. If this is your case, with this app you can achieve it in a simple and safe way.
Paso 1
Download and install the app on your phone
Paso 2
Open the app, accept the terms and permissions to continue
Paso 3
Once you are in the main window, you must click on the icon at the bottom right that has a " " to clone applications
Paso 4
In this window you will now see all the apps that are installed on your device and are compatible with the clone function.
Select the one you want to duplicate and wait for it to be duplicated in the main window
Paso 5
You already have the application completely cloned and ready to be used.
To facilitate access without entering the application, long press the icon of the cloned app and press "Desktop icons" to create a shortcut, you can customize it by changing the icon or the name to distinguish it correctly.


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