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WhatsApp Latest News [August - 2022] | Download free WhatsAPP

WhatsApp arrives with 4 new features with which they intend to make your online communications more secure. Discover the new features and download the latest version of WhatsApp here.

In the words of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg: " We will continue to create new ways to protect your messages and keep them as private and secure as face-to-face conversations ."
The entire developer team of the most widely used instant messaging APP in the world is focused on continually improving and for this they implement new features to satisfy the popular clamor. For this new update they are going to bring us 4 new features that users were crying out for.
And remember that you can download the latest version of WhatsApp via APK file at the end of this article to enjoy the latest features that this messaging application applies.

1. Leave groups without other users knowing

How many times have you stayed in a group because of the shame of the famous message: "X left the group"? Well, now this disappears in the latest WhatsApp update, so now you can leave all the groups without notifying all the participants.
Of course, the administrators of the group will receive notification of your departure from the group , so your fright will not be totally anonymous, but we are making progress in this regard.
The functionality will begin to work throughout this month, although there may already be users who may be enjoying this new feature.

Hide "Online" for certain contacts

In terms of privacy, there is also a new function that the general public has been crying out for and that is making the "Online" sign disappear when you enter the application . Undoubtedly, it was a great advance to be able to eliminate the last hour of connection, but today the famous "Online" continues to cause many headaches.
With the new functionality we will be able to choose who can and who cannot find out if we are online . This way you can personalize your privacy much more, leaving those contacts that interest you as usual and those that don't, blocking the possibility that they know when you connect to WhatsApp.

Block captures in single view messages

This new functionality is preceded by an improvement of a previous one and it is that until very recently it was not possible to send messages that could only be read once. Many users did not find this useful, but those who did found it to be a bit useless if the other person could capture the screen when viewing the message.
These criticisms have reached those in charge of the development of the APP and they have solved the problem in this new update and that is that the option to capture screen will now be blocked when we are reading a single display message .

Delete Messages that are 48 hours old

Last but not least, we know that WhatsApp allows you to delete sent messages , a function that debuted in 2018 and that, at that time, only allowed us to delete messages that were 7 minutes old.
This limit has been increasing, reaching an hour and 8 minutes, until reaching the last update with which we will be able to delete messages that are 2 days and 12 hours old .
All these new functions will be implemented throughout the month of August, and there are users who can already find them on their terminals. The good thing is that the more than 2,0 million people who use WhatsApp will be able to make your conversations more secure and manage their privacy in a totally personalized way.
This is something that can be easily observed, but also those in charge of developing the APP point it out to us without hesitation. Ami Vora, product manager for the WhatsApp brand, has already announced that they are focusing on creating functions that allow their users to have greater control and privacy over their messages and conversations .
To keep up to date with all the news about WhatsApp and the rest of the most famous APPs in the Play Store, we recommend that you pay close attention to our website.


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