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Tutorial Why does Android Auto disconnect? [2022 SOLUTIONS]

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Why does Android Auto disconnect? [2022 SOLUTIONS], Android Auto

How many times have you seen your activity interrupted because Android Auto has been disconnected? It usually happens and the causes are very different, so we are going to see what causes this Android Auto disconnection and how to solve it.

Android Auto is a very useful tool to get more performance from the screen of our vehicle and if used correctly it will save you multiple distractions on the road. Of course, sometimes you experience failures that can lead to disconnecting Android Auto, thus cutting off the music or losing whatever you were doing.
This is a nuisance and many times, if we consider fixing it while driving, it distracts us from driving, something that is not recommended. This is one of the most common errors that we come across in Android Auto , only the causes can be very different.
Today we are going to see the different reasons why your Android Auto disconnects and we will offer you an effective solution for each of them. Do you want to end this connection problem in Android Auto? Well continue reading.

cable problems

We start with the first problem and that is usually the cause of this Android Auto disconnection and it is the cable. In most cases these problems are caused by using a poor quality cable or one that does not make a good connection . Google always recommends using a quality cable to connect the mobile to Android Auto, the most recommended being the same one that comes from the factory in the phone box.
What is the problem? Well, that cable is the one we all use to charge the device and be going with it from one place to another all day, it may give us a good efficiency in terms of connection, but admit it, it would be very tedious.
That is why most people choose to have a second cable in the car for these cases and since it is a secondary cable, we usually opt for cheaper or poorer quality cables and this is a big mistake . Nor does this mean that you should spend a lot of money on a cable, but you should run away from cables that are too cheap, which are expensive in the long run, since they will work well at first and soon they will no longer be useful for anything.
In the event that you suspect that it could be the cable, the solution is as easy as trying another cable . If with the new one you do not experience problems, it is clear that that was the problem and we will have already solved it with the new connector.

Problems in the mobile connector

If the cable is not what is causing the problem we may have to start changing the sights and see if there is something wrong with the device. In these cases, what most often happens is that the mobile device connector is damaged or dirty and that is why it does not make a good connection. The truth is that the USB type C ports that are currently used are more resistant than the old Micro USB, but this does not make them unbreakable.
Do you notice that when you put the mobile to charge it does not make good contact? Sometimes we can notice that the connector is not working properly when it makes connection and disconnection noises when you put it on charge or you try to connect it to a PC . As we tell you, it is either damaged or dirty.
If the problem is the latter, you can carefully clean the connector and for this you can use a medium-hard brush or, if the case is very serious, with a pin previously moistened in alcohol. Remember to do this with the mobile turned off.
But, if the problem is more serious and the connector is damaged, there is little more to do for it. You can be playing with the cable and find that angle where it works or opt for a cable with a good connection to avoid disconnections. But, the best option would be to take it to the technical service. If you want to check if it is a problem with the mobile or the car connector, you need to try connecting the device with others and with different cables to rule out and find the fault .

Problems with the USB port of the vehicle

If we have already checked both the status of the cable and the connector of the mobile device, we still have a third factor in this equation to check and that is the vehicle's USB port. In many vehicles you have to connect the mobile to a specific USB port to use Android Auto, but in others you have several options. USB ports are more delicate and by forcing them a little more than necessary we can be causing a major problem .
Therefore, if you are sure that it is not a problem with the cable and not with the mobile, it is most likely that the fault is found in the USB port of the car and here we do not have much of a solution to offer you . As in the previous one, you may find a correct angle that works, but if you want a definitive solution it is better to consult a specialized workshop.

Internal problems of the APP

We cannot forget that Android Auto is just another APP and, like any other, it is also susceptible to failures. Well, if we're honest, Android Auto is an application that accumulates a large number of errors that Google is aware of and that they fix with the different updates, at the rate they can. It's not uncommon for this app to crash or crash for no good reason .
So, if you have always used Android Auto without problem and now these problems have started to appear, without a doubt this may be the error. In these cases make sure you are not using the beta version and go back to the stable version. Similarly, if you use the stable version you can install the latest beta in which Google has corrected the error. In turn, you can try other solutions that can end this error, such as clearing the cache and data of the APP .

Problems choosing the Mode: Have you chosen the right one?

Actually this is not usually the main problem since we would have the error from the beginning and it would not be a sudden disconnection or a failure, unless we touch it after connecting it. However, when considering possible failures, you should make sure that you have chosen the mode correctly when connecting the mobile to Android Auto .
In some versions it will let you connect it in the typical data transfer mode, while in the most current ones they already have an Android Auto mode to connect them. What is important is to avoid the charging only mode since in these cases the mobile will not be able to connect to the vehicle. Likewise, it is highly recommended that you disable USB debugging if you have it connected.

Power problems in the terminal

The operation of Android Auto is simple and it is to run on your mobile and it will be projected on the vehicle's screen, so it will require a minimum power for optimal operation . Actually and officially we do not find minimum power requirements, simply use Android Oreo, but this extra processing can be difficult to support for a low-power mobile.
But, how do we know that your mobile lacks power to make it work? It is simple and you will notice it since the terminal will heat up excessively, in addition to going very slow if you try to operate with it . When this happens, it is not strange that the terminal ends up disconnecting.

Problems with Wireless Mode

Very few users have the great fortune of being able to use Android Auto without a cable, through an external adapter such as Motorola MA1, Carsify or another similar one. Comfort we win, but also in instability since it is very easy to disconnect in this way.
The wireless mode of Android Auto is not proving too stable today and it is that to the faults that the application already has, we must add this additional problem of possible interference and overheating that the terminal may have.
In this sense, there is little you can do to solve the problem other than trying to connect the device via cable to see if that works better for you. Also remember that it is important to keep the application updated because errors in the APP are usually resolved with each update, which may be the ones that cause this disconnection.
Now that you are clear about why Android Auto disconnects, it is time for you to check each of the solutions that we have provided in this article until you find the fault that is causing your mobile device to disconnect from the vehicle.
Don't forget that in order to enjoy the best version of Android Auto, it's a good idea to keep the application always updated to the latest version , since it eliminates many bugs and errors experienced by the APP. If your mobile hasn't given you access to the latest version yet, don't worry because you can force the update using an APK file. At the end of this article we leave you a link to the APK file that contains the latest version of Android Auto so that you can update it manually, totally safe and free of viruses.
And to keep up to date with the latest Play Store updates and its most used APPs , don't forget to keep an eye out for new articles and tutorials that will be added to, your website where we explain all the current technology in a simple way. Android.


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