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Tutorial Why Google Play Store is down? Causes and Solutions [2022]

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Why Google Play Store is down? Causes and Solutions [2022], Download

Are you trying to install an APP but the Play Store seems to be down? This can happen for multiple reasons and it will be important to know what causes it in order to find a solution. Today we tell you the most frequent causes and solutions to Play S

If you have been using Android devices for many years, you will know that application failures are common, and not only in this operating system, and many of them come from the Play Store application store . A failure in the APP can happen to us with any application and it can already be caused by the phone or by some problem with the Play Store crashing.
Surely you have already been through this and have had to wait for the Google Play Store to work again , but can we do something to solve it instantly?
The truth is that yes, there are a number of solutions that we can try to find out what is causing this problem . If the fall is from the Play Store we can try to get everything to work again and if the failure is caused by your terminal, we will also see what you can do.
To stop experiencing Play Store download failures, take note of these solutions that we offer you at the root of the problem. In a matter of minutes you can finish all the problems of the Play Store and carry out the download. Without further ado, here are the causes and solutions for Play Store crashes in 2022 .

1st Cause: Play Store servers down

One of the most common causes and in which we are going to have less control, that is why we mention it first, is that of the fall in the Google Play Store servers. The bad thing is that it will be presented as one more error and the user will not know if it is a general problem or if it only occurs on their mobile device.
A drop in the Play Store servers can lead to Android applications in Google Play not working and an error message appearing.
But, how can we know if it is a general problem or our mobile? There are websites like Downdetector where you can check if the problem is with Google since the crashes of the Google servers are reflected there, which could in turn be causing a crash in the Play Store. In addition, this type of website not only warns us of possible general problems, but also those that affect specific areas, letting us know if it may be a local or global problem.
The bad thing about confirming that it is a fall in the Google Play Store servers is that we will not have the possibility of a solution. In these cases, we have no choice but to wait for Google workers to finish the incident as soon as possible and restore connectivity to the Android store. This can take from a few minutes to a few hours, or days in the most serious cases, so you just have to be patient.

2nd Cause: Internet Connection Problems

In the second place of the most frequent causes that cause Play Store crashes we have a bad Internet connection or the lack of it. Although it may seem like it, sometimes the problems do not come from crashes in the Google Play servers, but rather from a connection problem on our device. In these cases we can check to see if this is what is causing the fault and the ways are as follows:

  • Try to test with other APPs : to make sure that it is a connection problem, you can try other applications that need an Internet connection. If these do not have problems working, it is clear that the problem is not connection.

  • Make changes to your connection : Varying your connection method is also usually a good option to learn about the problems that may be causing it. If you are using WiFi, switch to mobile data and vice versa because the cause may be precisely the connection or the network. If it is indeed a WiFi problem, restart the router to see if the problem is fixed.

  • Perform a speed test on the device : speed tests can also be very useful when checking for connection failures. The phone itself can tell you at what speed you are browsing at the moment and if it is too slow we could be facing the cause of the failure.

These simple checks will lead you to know if the origin of the problem that the Play Store throws at you is the poor connection of the device. It may seem silly, but many times Android app problems are caused by a bad connection, so don't dismiss it too soon.

3rd Cause: Terminal problems - Restart the Device

When we start applications and use our mobile devices, the truth is that many processes are launched at the same time and it is not strange that any of them can generate a conflict or error . The consequences of this is that the phone will go wrong or the APP will not open directly. The message that the Google store is not available may be due to something like this, so the solution will be to reset the phone.
To restart your device, press the on/off button for a few seconds and the three most common options will appear. Among them we will choose to restart the device and wait for the process to complete. If there were any errors in the active processes, they should have been resolved by performing the reboot. You will only have to check the Play Store once again and if it works, it is that the problem came from a poorly executed process on the part of the device.

4th Cause: Cache Conflicts

The cache is another of the main problems when it comes to generating error messages in the Play Store and it is that this memory is storing data as we use the applications of our mobile device. Also data is accumulated while we use the Play Store and that is why cleaning it from time to time can solve many errors.

The cache is very important since this accumulation of data is what makes opening an APP more fluid and faster, but it also has negative effects, since if a large amount of information is accumulated, the cache can be corrupted and lead to errors in the APPs or in the Play Store itself.

How can we solve it? Well deleting the data stored in the cache. This is a solution that we have already offered you previously for other tutorials, but it does not hurt to do a review so that you know where to find the option within your Android device.

  • Access device Settings

  • Go to the Applications tab

  • In the list of APPs look for the Google Play Store

  • Enter the Android app store

  • Access the "Memory" section

  • Inside you will have the option to Clear Data and Clear Cache.

  • Click on the option and wait for the process to finish

After that we will have cleared the data stored in the Play Store cache and if this was what was causing the problem, we will not have to worry anymore. Don't be surprised if the Android store loads slower now, this is because you have cleared the cache data, but don't worry, it will only happen to you the first few times.

5th Cause: Missing Play Store update

Finally, we are going to see another of the most frequent causes and that is not having the latest updated version of the Play Store application. This may seem silly, but it certainly has a lot of influence and can be the cause of error messages or Play Store crash. Updates are created to improve and correct bugs of past versions and that is why if you get stuck in a version without updating you can continue to experience problems that other users have already solved thanks to the new version.

So the first thing you need to do is see what version of the Google Play Store you're using, and then check that it's the latest version available. You can check in the same Play Store APP if there is any update pending download. Update it if it is and check again if the bug is still valid.

If a pending download does not appear, but you know that there is an update that has not yet arrived on your phone you can force it by manually downloading the APK file. At the end of these lines we will leave you the latest version of the Play Store so that you can download and install it on your devices totally free and virus-free.

But, you need to know when the problems have started since, sometimes, it is the updates that generate them. If you just updated and are experiencing problems, it may be a bug in this new version. In these cases you have two options: either wait for it to be resolved or download the previous version to restore it. In these cases you will also need the APK file to start the download and installation manually.


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